Future Plastic Circular Supply Chain Tour Teesside

The IOM3 Polymer Group, in partnership with the KTN, are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to tour a plastic supply chain and understand the role of recycling processes in its future.

The future of plastic supply chains must be circular, but how will this work or look? What input materials should we be considering, how are they sorted, how can they be recycled and ultimately reintegrated into new products?

This one-day event will explore one of Europe’s leading chemical clusters where an emerging circular supply chain for polymers is based.  A tour of the facility will be included during the day.

Come and see the plant, the product and the future of plastic recycling.

From this event you will:

  • Understand the material flows in future plastic supply chains
  • See first-hand plastic producers and recyclers
  • Understand the differences between mechanical, thermal and chemical recycling
  • Understand how your business can prepare for integration into these future supply chains
  • Understand how through NZIIC you can trail mechanical, thermal and chemical recycling and evaluate feedstocks and products all under one roof to support accelerated plastic supply chain development

Interested participants should complete the expression of interest by Monday 17th October.

The confirmed attendees will be notified via email shortly after the submission of their expression of interest. Registrations will be assessed on a continuous basis.

Event Details



09.30 - 16.30


The Wilton Centre
TS10 4RF