Finding and using your power and influence

26 March 2021 12pm – 1.30pm

Power and influence are critical tools, whether you're a senior leader or just starting your career. However, the more junior you are, the harder it can be to find and use both your power and your influence. And even if you're senior, it can be useful to have a reminder of what power and influence are, where to find them, and check that you are taking best advantage of them.

This workshop will help participants to locate their sources of power, work out whether they are using as many methods of influence as they could, and then make a plan to grow and harness both their power and their influence so that they might be used to best effect. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear strategy for personal development that will allow them to make active changes with big impacts.  


Katie Best ACC

Katie Best ACC

Founder & Director, TaylorBest


11.55am - Join

12.05pm - Welcome & Introductions

12.10pm - Finding and using your power and influence

12.55pm - Q&A

1.30pm - END


TaylorBest is a small, highly specialised consultancy. Its mission is to help firms excel by helping their leades to excel Via a combination of leadership coaching, training & development, and planning & consulting.

Katie has worked in and with leading organisations and universities for more than 15 years. To this day, Katie continues her affiliation with the London School of Economics, acting as Head Tutor on the MBA Essentials programme; and as Chief Examiner on the module ‘Core Management Concepts’. She works with over 2,500 students a year, including CEOs, business owners and senior leaders across the globe. Read more


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