Critical Minerals & The UK’s Green Industrial Revolution

Critcial minerals are the building blocks of the Green Industrial Revolution, without them we cannot manufacture wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles or our phones which we cannot live without.

So what is the UK doing about securing responsible supply chains of critcial minerals? Where are these minerals and metals coming from? What impact are they having on the enviornemnt and local communities?

This event aims to explain the importance of critical minerals in society, how value can be added through responsible sourcing and how realistic achieving net-zero truly is.

We invite industry, from early exploration through to manufacturers and recyclers, government officals and policy makers to join us on 30 November for a series of presentations and panel discussions on one of the most pressing issues facing the UK.

10:00 - 17:30 | Live Streamed Conference | Geological Society of London, Burlington House

Drinks reception

The drinks reception will follow on from the conference, allowing industry and government to network. Venue TBC.


19:00 | Arrivals & Networking
20:00 | APPG Critical Minerals Welcome