Art Lecture 2021

10 June 2021 6.30pm – 8pm

Through the creation of her work Sofie Boons emerged as an Alchemical Jeweller. She finds inspiration in materials, the field of science and the world of scents, perfumes and smells. She is determined to find solutions for the visualisation and containment of invisible substances, concepts and scents through the design of jewellery and objects. Her research into the alchemical has already brought her to the development of a new material, combining resin and Nano gold particles, a recipe book on how to make wearable solid perfumes, scent containers that rethink the application and wearing of perfume and more.


6.30pm: Join

6.40pm: Welcome & Introductions

7.10pm: An insight into the problem-solving processes required in the transformation of ideas using novel materials

7.30pm: Q&A session 

8.30pm: END

Sofie Boons

Sofie Boons

The Alchemical Jeweller

Iro Martidi GradIMMM

Iro Martidi GradIMMM

Event co-ordinator, National Physical Laboratory


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