Utilization of Non-Metallic Products (NMPs) from recycled aluminium as a supplementary cementitious material
Antonino Runci, University of Sheffield


Risk Windows in Irish Defective Concrete
Christopher Brough, B Staniforth, C Garner, J Strongman, J Fletcher and R Garside


The Influence of Recycled Aggregate and Natural Pozzolana on the Compressive Strength of Concrete
Tamador Mokbel and Kassem Al-Zouhyli, Damascus University


The effect of slag chemistry on the pore structure of Na2SO4-activated slag cements under accelerated carbonation
Zengliang Yue1, Zixian Su2, Partha.P Paul2,3, Alastair T.M. Marsh1, Alice Macente1, Marco DiMichiel3, John.L. Provis4, Philip.J. Withers2, Susan A. Bernal1*
1 School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.
2 Henry Royce Institute, Department of Materials, University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K.
3 European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), 71 Avenue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble, France
4 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K.


Characterization of Pore Structure Evolutions in Alkali Activated Slag Cements Using Time-lapsed In-situ X-ray Computed Tomography and Scanning Electron Microscopy 
Zixian Su, Zengliang Yue, Alastair T.M. Marsh, Timothy L. Burnett, Susan A. Bernal, Philip J. Withers 


Magnesium Phosphate Cement for Use as an Alternative Encapsulant: Formulation Studies
Hazel Jade Dixon1, M. Hayes1, E. Vlazakis1, D. Geddes2
1 National Nuclear Laboratory, Workington, UK
2 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

P7 Exploring Feasible Methods for Utilizing RHA as a Component in Cement Binders
Ayman Almutlaqah
Cardiff University 

Performance and Durability of Low-carbon Concrete Containing Waste Plastics and Exposed to Marine Environment
Ahmad Alhamdan, Reza Ahmadian, Diane Gardner, and Riccardo Maddalena
Cardiff University


Performance of concretes prepared with blended cement containing calcined excavated London clays
Kirthika Kala Subramanian1, Yuvaraj Dhandapani1, Leon Black1, Fragkoulis Kanavaris2, Susan A. Bernal1
1 School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK,
2 Arup, London, UK


Understanding the Relationship between Reaction Mechanisms and Kinetics of Alkali Activated Slag Cement and Fresh State Properties
Ella Cliff
University of Sheffield


Influence of gamma-irradiation on the properties of magnesium-silicate-hydrate cement mortars 
Mercedes Baxter Chinery, Hong Wong, Christopher Cheeseman, Mark Wenman 
Imperial College London


Influence of steam curing parameters on concrete strength and optimisation at 28 days
Radad Azhari Elsir Elnour
Khartoum University


Investigating the Influence of Lagoon Fly Ash and Activators on the Properties of Geopolymer Composites Based on Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
Yi Chen, Wei Sha and Meng Gao
School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast


Effect of graphene oxides derived from the Wyoming Powder River Basin coal on the compressive strength of concrete
Iftekhar Alam Dipta, Kam Ng, Chooi Kim Lau, Jacob Chadwick and Patrick Johnson
University of Wyoming


Synthesis of Sodium Iron Silicate Hydrate (N-F-S-H)
M. Zhang1, E. Bernard2, M.H.N. Yio1, C.R. Cheeseman1, R.J. Myers1,*
1Imperial College London



Towards Concrete Decarbonisation – A Practical Insight into Fly Ash and Blast Furnace Slag-containing Concretes
Donald C. Nwonu1, Michal P. Drewniok1, Susan A. Bernal1, Stijn Van Ewijk2
1University of Leeds
2University College London


Impact of carbonation on chloride permeability of composite Portland Cement-slag-limestone concretes
Moro Sabtiwu1, Yuvaraj Dhandapani1, Michal Drewniok1, Samuel Adu-Amankwah2, Susan A Bernal1
University of Leeds
2Aston University


The Use of Thermodynamic Modelling for the Characterisation of Encapsulation Cement and Backfill
Thomas Budd
Imperial College London


Panoramix version 1.0: An algorithm for designing low carbon cement with high durability performance
Meng Gao
Imperial College London


Effect of Calcination pre treatment of Granite ash raw material in mechanical properties and microstructural study of granite ash-slag blended hardened paste
Nurul Ain Haris
University of Manchester


Concrete Performance Prediction Models: a Review
Lorenzo Chiaverini, Ellina Bernard and Emilio Martínez-Pañeda
Imperial College London, EMPA Switzerland, Imperial College London


Development of cement encapsulants from naturally abundant supplementary cementitious materials
Isabelle Broadfield Smith, Dr Brant Walkley,Dr John Provis
University of Sheffield
Dr Michael Bell


Fibre-Induced Carbonation of Cement Pastes under Ambient Conditions
Yixiu Zhuge, Hong S. Wong, Rupert J. Myers
Imperial College London


Sustainability Assessment of Bauxite Residue Reuse Applications: A Comparison of Cement and Clay Brick Production
Tobechi Okoroafor, Maria Georgiades and Rupert J. Myers
Imperial College London


Fabrication of Novel Aerated Concrete Blocks by Combining Traditional and Synthetic Materials
Madhumita Biswas
Indian Institute of Technology


Using Reactivity tests to predict performance and screen resources for calcined mixed mineral UK clays
Utibe Nkanga,  Leon Black,  Susan A. Bernal,  Sreejith Krishnan,  Frederick O. Pessu
University of Leeds


Introduction to Microanalysis in the SEM for Cementitious Materials
Joshua Lea
Oxford Instruments

P28    Multimodal Analysis of Concrete and Cementitious Materials 
Josh Lea1, Dan Haspel1, John Kolawole2, Ana Blanco-Alverez2 and Liam Whyte
1Oxford Instruments
2 Loughborough University


Reactivity analysis of different MgO sources for use in Mg-based cements
Taís O. G. Freitas1, Bharati Bharati2, Adriano Galvão de S. Azevedo1, Laís Kohan1, Cise Unluer2 and Holmer Savastano Júnior
1University of São Paulo
2The University of Manchester


Determining the Volumetric Ratio of Hydration Products to Reacted Blended Cement Systems by Thermodynamic Modelling
Jack Chan
Imperial College London


Pozzolanic reactivity of supplementary cementitious materials derived from waste fibreglass
James Vigor
Imperial College London


Carbonation-induced corrosion in low CO₂ emission concrete
Yu Luan
Imperial College London


Environmental Impact of 3D Printed Geopolymers vs 3D Printed Concretes
Zak Lowther 1, Peter Holliman 1, Brunella Balzano 2, David Worsley 1, Riccardo Maddalena 3, Ahmad Alhamdan 3, Shahram Sharifi 2
Materials Science and Engineering, Swansea University
2 Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University
3 School of Engineering, Cardiff University

P34 WASTEREBUILT: A Circular Approach to Waste Foundry Sand Reuse Into the Built Environment

Qistina Binti Aziz Zainal, Jamie Rudge, Deepankar Ashish, Fei Jin and Riccardo Maddalena
Cardiff University, UK