Information regarding poster and oral presentations

Oral presentations

  • Oral presentations will be 10 minutes long and followed by 5 minutes of discussion
  • We encourage presenters to use PowerPoint slides in their presentations
  • Please email or share via USB your oral presentations during the registration and/or morning refreshments sessions, at latest on the morning of your talk
  • The email addresses to use are (please use all three): [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
  • There will be eight sessions for keynotes and oral presentations, running over both conference days

Poster presenations

  • Posters should be printed on size A1 paper in portrait orientation
  • There will be five poster presentation opportunities, which will run in the same room alongside coffee breaks and lunch, and over both conference days
  • On day 1, before the first poster session, presenters will be invited to pitch their posters to the conference attendees
  • Each pitch will last for 1 minute maximum
  • Please summarise your poster in 1 PowerPoint slide, which will be shown on the screen and to the audience while you pitch your poster
  • Please send us your slide in pptx format via email before 1600 London time on Sunday 10 September, to the following three email addresses: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
  • The slides should not contain any animations, since we will compile the presentations into a single document
  • There will be time to put posters up during registration on Sunday 10 September (evening) and Monday 11 September (morning)


Extended Abstracts

Extended abstracts (maximum of 1 full page prepared according to the template.) are now required from all oral and poster presenters. The deadline for extended abstracts is Monday 21 August 2023.

These will be collated and issued to all conference delegates as an electronic proceedings booklet. Selected papers (oral or poster) will also be invited to submit a full paper for inclusion in a special edition of the IOM3 journal Advances in Applied Ceramics. 

This Extended Abstract/Selected Papers arrangement means that the very latest results – including from work that is still in progress – can be presented in a relaxed atmosphere with extensive informal interaction and networking opportunities, whilst also providing an opportunity for the publication of completed work in a journal, and subject to the academic rigour of peer review.