Materials Courses & Qualifications

Our Materials courses cover a wide range of topics and are suitable for those just starting out in the industry or simply wanting to expand their knowledge to those wishing to undertake higher level learning. 

Our courses are available in the classroom, in your workplace, virtually or online and our tutors, who are experts from all materials sectors, will support you throughout your learning journey.

If you would like to discuss how we can support you and your colleagues in developing your knowledge please get in touch.

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Clay technology courses & qualifications

Supporting those working at all levels in the Heavy Clay Industry, from new starters to experienced Clay Quarry Managers.

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Wood technology courses & qualifications

Supporting those working in the wood industry or working with timber as a sustainable material.


Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability

A suite of courses on understanding and optimising the maintenance process


Engineering Structural Integrity

Suite of activities highlighting the importance of structural integrity

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Metallurgy in Practice

A suite of courses highlighting practical aspects important in metallurgy

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Designing & building with additive manufacturing

A one-day practical guide for engineers

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Engineering Metallurgy

A one-day course exploring the basic concepts of metallurgy

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Production of Defect Free Metals

One-day course exploring the challenge of eliminating defects during metal production


Life Cycle Assessment

One-day course providing an insight into the principles of Life Cycle Assessment and how to interpret a report

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Practical Roll Pass Design

Short course on the classification and design of steel hot-rolled sections