Wardell Armstrong Prize

For the best paper published in Transactions B: Applied Earth Studies.

Wardell Armstrong Prize

The Wardell Armstrong Prize is presented for the best paper published in Transactions B: Applied Earth Science.

The winner will receive a crystal bowl or £250.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Wardell Armstrong Prize are judged by the editors of the Transactions journals.

Past winners

Not awarded

Not awarded

The treatment of missing ‘not at random’ geological data for ore grade modelling
Camilla Z da Silva & Joao Felipe C L Costa

Carbonatites: Related ore deposits, resources, footprint and exploration methods
G Simandl & S Paradis

Australia: geology and mineral resources
D Klingner & C A Standing

Coastal evolution and associated titanium sand mineralisation of Jangamo district, Inhambane Province
J. Dumouchel, F. Hees & M. P. Alvin 

Demystifying migmatites: introduction for field-based geologist
M. Pawley, A. Reid, R. Dutch, W. Preiss

Drill core, structure and digital technologies
S. Bright, G. Conner, A. Turner and J. Vearncombe

Early Neoproterozoic rare metal (Sn, Ta, W) and gold metallogeny of the Central Africa Region: a review
W L Pohl, M Biryabarema, B Lehmann

Background concentrations of gold in different rock types
I K Pitcairn 

The Fortescue story: From exploration to the third largest iron ore producer in Australia
Dr John M F Clout & W G Rowley 

Assessing the potential involvement of an early magma staging chamber in the generation of the Platreef Ni–Cu–PGE deposit in the northern limb of the Bushveld Complex: A pilot study of the Lower Zone Complex at Zwartfontein
I McDonald, D Holwell & D Wesley

Chromite and PGE in the Logar Ophiolite Complex, Afganistan
A J Benham, P Kováč, M G Petterson, I Rojkovic, M T Styles, A G Gunn, J A McKervey & A Wasy

Geochemistry of komatiites in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrance, Western Australia, and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada, and implications for the distribution of associated Ni-Cu-PGE deposits
S J Barnes, C M Lesher & R A Sproule

The Kayelera uranium deposit, Northern Malawi: past exploration activities, economic geology and decay series disequilibrium
R A Bowden & R P Shaw

Three-dimensional mapping of the Platreef at the Zwartfontein South mine: implications for the timing of magmatic events in the northern limb of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
D Holwell & A Jordaan 

Chemicals in the environment: implications for global sustainability
Prof J A Plant, Dr A Korre & Dr N Voulvoulis for their paper
Shortcomings of multiple indicator kriging for assessing local distributions
X Emery & J M Ortiz

Chromite formation: a key to understanding processes of platinum enrichment
J A Kinnaird, F J Kruger, P A M Nex & R G Cawthorn