Outstanding Contribution Awards

For prolonged and major contribution to the Institute's core activity.

Outstanding Contribution Awards

The award is no longer available.

The Outstanding Contribution Awards were presented for prolonged and major contribution to the Institute's core activity, not related to Local Society activity or previously recognised.

Up to three awards (certificates) were presented annually.

The winners received a prize.

Award judging

Nominations for the Outstanding Contribution Awards are judged by the IOM3 Awards Committee.

Past winners

2020 J Tunnicliffe, 2019 J Shields, G D Spenceley & I R Harris, 2018 C Davies & J McGrath, 2017 A Francis & A True, 2016 M Hull, M Ansell, 2015 B Lye, J R Moon & K Purcell, 2014 R Quarshie, 2013 D Gooch, S Patrick & K Barnes. 2012 J D Brazier & D Woodbridge, 2011 T Brewis, G Smith & D Taplin.