Local Society Grants

IOM3 Affiliated Local Societies can apply for a grant.

Local Society Grants

The Institute funds all of its affiliated societies according to a formula that is designed to encourage success. The primary element of the formula is for attendance at meetings up to eight of which are funded per year. All members of the local society attending are funded but those who are Institute members are funded at a higher rate and there is a threshold attendance level above which the funding is higher. There are also funds available for virtual, hybrid and joint events or those with a sustainable future theme. Local societies which wish to arrange particular one off events that do not appear in the formula, may apply for specific additional funding on the basis of a business plan for the event.

The formula is reviewed each year to make it as equitable as possible for all Institute's affiliated local societies and to take account of trends in activity.

Affiliated local societies applying for funding will be expected to submit the online form along with copies of attendance sheets for the past year, an audited set of accounts and their 2023/24 events programme.

The grants are reviewed by the Local Affairs Committee.