Futers Gold Medal

For outstanding services to the international minerals industry.

Futers Gold Medal

The Futers Gold Medal, an IOM3 Premier Award, is presented for outstanding services to the international minerals industry.

The winner will receive a medal.

Open to IOM3 members and non-members.

Award judging

The Futers Gold Medal is judged by the IOM3 Awards Committee.

Past winners

2019 S Gray, 2018 C Blackmore, 2017 D J Barratt, 2016 J J le Roux Cilliers, 2015 D Fray, 2014 K Severs, 2013 P Gray, 2012 N Hazen, 2011 J Monhemius, 2010 C Fleming, 2009 T J Napier-Munn, 2008 G Riddler, 2007 A J Smith, 2006 Dr D S Flett, 2002 B Skinner, 1996 B Barratt, 1995 C T Massey, 1994 A J Pickering, 1993 R W Robson, 1992 R G Siddall, W Gale, 1991 P M Davies, 1990 G Sykes, 1989 J Brass, 1988 W L Pugh, 1987 R Robinson, 1986 P Simpson, 1985 J T Peary, 1984 A W Hayes, 1983 R B Dunn, 1982 J Pocock, 1981 L Harris, 1980 C Round, 1979 J J Bates, 1978 C W Turner, 1977 D Hardman, 1976 G A Hetherington, 1975 J E Wood, 1974 S A Skelding, 1973 P G Weekes.


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