Futers Gold Medal

For outstanding services to the international minerals industry.

Futers Gold Medal

The Futers Gold Medal, an IOM3 Premier Award, is presented for outstanding services to the international minerals industry.

The winner will receive a medal.

Open to IOM3 members and non-members.

Award judging

Nominations for the Futers Gold Medal are judged by the IOM3 Awards Committee.

Past winners

2019 S Gray, 2018 Christine Blackmore, 2017 D J Barratt, 2016 J J le Roux Cilliers, 2015 D Fray, 2014 K Severs, 2013 Philip Gray, 2012 N Hazen, 2011 Prof John Monhemius, 2010 Dr C A Fleming, 2009 Prof T J Napier-Munn, 2008 Prof Gordon Riddler, 2007 Arthur J Smith, 2006 Dr D S Flett, 2002 B Skinner, 1996 B Barratt, 1995
C T Massey

1994 (joint)
Large diameter interseam boreholes. Their useage to improve underground environments
 A J Pickering
R11's district, the successful sealing and reopening using nitrogen
D L Brook

Harworth colliery production and environment
R W Robson

Strata controls: A new science for an old problem
R G Siddall & W Gale

P M Davies,

The drivage and support of retreat face roadways
 G Sykes

Longwalling in Alabama
J Brass

Roadway drivage techniques in western area
W L Pugh

Controlled re-circulation of air at wearmouth colleary
 R Robinson

Kellingley: A process of change
P Simpson

Precautions against frictional ignitions associated with coal cutting and tunnelling
 J T Peary

Treeton new mine
 A W Hayes

Water problems in mines
R B Dunn

Drifting through water-bearing strata
J Pocock

The use of nitrogen to control spontaneous combustion heatings
 L Harris

Retreat mining with integrated dirt stowing
Christopher Round

An analysis of powered support behaviour
J J Bates

The prevention and underground disposal of extraneous dirt
C W Turner

Wide web working in the ten feet seam at Holditch colliery
D Hardman

In-seam mining
A Hetherington

Mines of tomorrow: Systems of working

The extraction of the combined five feet and splent seams at Bagworth Colliery
S A Skelding,

Technology and maintaining continuous prosperity up to 1975
P G Weekes


About the Futers Gold Medal

The original deed was set up by Mr Thomas Campbell Futers in memory of his son Norman Ratcliffe Futers who was a mining student at Armstrong College University of Durham and who laid down his life in defence of his country on 18 September 1918.

Mr Futers Snr wished to perpetuate the memory of his son and encourage and advance the cause of efucation and of promoting the study of scientific and safe working of mines.


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