Douglas Hay Medal

For the best paper published in Transactions A: Mining Technology.

Douglas Hay Medal

The Douglas Hay Medal is presented for the best paper published in Transactions A: Mining Technology.

The winner will receive a medal, a certificate and £450.00

Award judging

Nominations for the Douglas Hay Medal are judged by the editors of the Transactions journals.

Past winners

Characterisation of burst-prone grounds at Vale’s Creighton Mine
P Morissette, J Hadjigeorgiou & A Punkkinen

Three-dimensional analysis of complex anisotropic slope instability at MMG’s Century Mine
D. P. Sainsbury, B. L. Sainsbury & E. Sweeney

Discrete fracture network modelling to quantify rock mass pre-conditioning at the El Teniente Mine, Chile
A. Brzovic, S. Rogers, G. Webb, J. P. Hurtado, N. Marin, P. Schachter, J. Alvarez & K. Baraona 

Mining of orebodies under shear loading Part 2: Failure modes and mechanisms
F. T. Suorineni, J. J. Mgumbwa, & P. K. Kaiser, D. Thibodeau

Modelling fracturing, disturbed and interaction zones around fully confined detonation charges
I Onederra, A Catalan & G Chitombo

Progress and challenges in some areas of deep mining
E.T. Brown

Mining of oreobodies under shear loading Part 1: Case histories
Dr F.T Suorineni et al 

Monitoring open stope caving at Goldex Mine
M R Hudyma, P Frenette & I Leslie

Integrated mining, processing and waste disposal systems for reduced energy and operating costs at Xstrata Nickel’s Sudbury Operations
A S Bamber, B Klein, R C Pakalnis & M J Scoble

A parametric study of a longwall district climate prediction and planning model
I S Lowndes, Z Y Yang, S W Kingman, S A Silvester & M A Tucket for their paper

Ground response curves for longwall support assessment
K Reed & Mr T P Medhurst

The Swebrec function: linking fragmentation by blasting and crushing
F Ouchterlony

Boulby mine shaft lining design: second restoration
A Williams & F A Auld





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