Brief D: Walkers #Crisp In or #Crisp Out Front of Store Display

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Grocery retail is a very busy environment with brands competing to attract shopper’s attention as they enter and navigate around the store. Research shows that shoppers make the majority of their purchasing decisions in store, which makes POS displays a key element of the marketing mix.Brands need to attract consumers and market products successfully by using POS displays that grab the attention of shoppers and differentiate from the competition, as well as being functional and easy to assemble.

The Brief

Provide an innovative and creative solution for the promotion and display of Walkers Core 6pk flavours Cheese&Onion/Ready Salted/Salt&Vinegar. Walkers #Crisp In OR #Crisp Out campaign enabled Walkers to tap into the age old debate and build brand love around the British Crisp Sandwich.

This display needs to promote and drive sales of Walkers 6pk SKUs. It should be visually striking and incorporate significant stock holding. You may explore the possibility of interaction (lights/sound/movement) with consumers through visual format and graphics. The display will be sited in the foyers of large gocery retailers and will be immediately visible as shoppers enter. PepsiCo do not advertise to children

Points to consider

  • Please note that the main focus of this brief is to develop an innovative and creative structural concept. Submit no more than four presentation boards in support of your entry. Use market reaserch imagery and sketches to demonstrate the thinking process behind your design.
  • Visit stores and look at how crisps are stacked, displayed and shopped. Register for Smurfit Kappa Pop Watch – via our website:
  • Consider the practicalities of your designs’ stability and use of glue and tabs or even plastic rivets to assist assembly. Be aware of accessibility of product to the average consumer as well as ease of replenishment by store staff.
  • The dimensions of overall display MUST BE: 2400mm (left to right) x 1000mm (front to back) x 2300mm (height). Total product weight under 500Kg and will be loaded in store. Ensure you maximise use of this footprint as the customer will be being charged a premium for this retailer floorspace.
  • Consider the quality and impact of your colour model in relation to: graphical impact, display shape (you may use layered or 3D elements, you can exceed the footprint marginally to add theatre), use of lights/sound/motion if appropriate to your idea.
  • Store staff or merchandising teams will be assembling your design. Think about how it will be built in store. What parts could be pre-assembled whilst keeping the pack at a manageable size?

Materials to be used

Corrugated cardboard comes in different shapes, sizes, thickness, fluting and board grades. Some consideration as to how this will influence your design would be a benefit within your boards. We would recommend you designing for EB Flute which is 5mm thick. Consider tolerances for parts of your display that interact. Is the part printed? Does it have a gloss or matt finish?

Submission Details

Online registration must include upload of the developments boards and photographic evidence of the final model

The development boards (uploaded as a single PDF document) need to include the following:

  • A3 Research Board
  • A3 Design Exploration Board
  • Net of Recommended Design Solution

The photographic evidence should:

  • Showcase the front, back and sides of the model
  • Be shot against a white background, and in focus. These images will be used in the Starpack Competition Book and may be used for additional promotion.
  • A maximum of 4 images to be uploaded
  • For students who are unable to supply a final model, 3D renderings and drawings are accepted.


Judging Criteria

What the judges are looking for:

  • Originality and aesthetic qualities of the design, with consideration to commercial viability

  • How the pack delivers the benefits to consumers and that the functionality has been considered as much as the branding

  • The quality of portfolio, which must include evidence of research and the development of the design

  • Designs which demonstrate awareness of environmental issues, through economic use of the material and recyclability.

  • Please also check out our past winners to see the standard of work required for winning entries.

In addition:

  • Individual briefs may have specific conditions required by the sponsors.  Please check each brief description carefully for full details.

Brief H Judges



Winning prize

£250 Amazon Voucher and 1 week's work experience* at Smurfit Kappa Display UK.

*Work experience on site subject to agreement and dependent on Government Covid-19 workplace guidelines in place at time of organisation.


We award Gold, Silver, Bronze and Highly Commended certificates but only give physical trophies to Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. All students will receive a certificate of entry

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