Students Brief B: World Cup Qatar 2022 - Promotional Soft Drinks Bottle

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The World cup 2022 will soon be upon us. Soft Drinks companies are always looking for novel and innovative ideas to promote their products and brands.

The Brief

Your brief is to design a promotional soft drinks bottle that will elevate your chosen brand, and allow consumers to identify with the World cup euphoria. Size can be between 330ml and 750ml.

What can be done to drive shelf stand-out and pack recognition via an iconic design? How could superior functionality be incorporated?

Points to consider

  • What can be done to drive shelf stand-out and pack recognition via an iconic design How could superior functionality be incorporated
  • Innovative
  • Evidence of research into selected brand, and why you have chosen it
  • Consumer Convenience - Functionality – opening, closing, handling, disposability and suitability of the product.
  • Environment -recycle and reduce. Show consideration to environmental issues.
  • Relevance to target marketing group
  • Creative use of structure and form
  • Maximum shelf impact & material selection
  • Ease of use or other improved functionality
  • Without compromising creativity, transportation should be considered

Materials to be used

Plastic - Explanation for choice of material required.

Submission Details

Online registration must include upload of the developments boards and photographic evidence of the final model

The development boards (uploaded as a single PDF document) need to include the following:

  • A3 Research Board
  • A3 Design Exploration Board
  • Net of Recommended Design Solution

The photographic evidence should:

  • Showcase the front, back and sides of the model
  • Be shot against a white background, and in focus. These images will be used in the Starpack Competition Book and may be used for additional promotion.
  • A maximum of 4 images to be uploaded
  • For students who are unable to supply a final model, 3D renderings and drawings are accepted.


Judging Criteria

What the judges are looking for:

  • Originality and aesthetic qualities of the design, with consideration to commercial viability

  • How the pack delivers the benefits to consumers and that the functionality has been considered as much as the branding

  • The quality of portfolio, which must include evidence of research and the development of the design

  • Designs which demonstrate awareness of environmental issues, through economic use of the material and recyclability.

  • Please also check out our past winners to see the standard of work required for winning entries.

In addition:

  • Individual briefs may have specific conditions required by the sponsors.  Please check each brief description carefully for full details.

Brief B Judges



Winning prize

£600 or Visit / tour to one of the world’s biggest soft drinks manufacturers (UK site).


We award Gold, Silver, Bronze and Highly Commended certificates but only give physical trophies to Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. All students will receive a certificate of entry

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