Advisory Council Scotland Representation election 2023

Candidates for vacancies on the IOM3 Advisory Council for the Scotland region are as follows, with their personal statement.

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Voting commences on Friday 15 December 2023 and closes on Friday 29 December 2023 at 8am in both cases.


My diverse academic background includes a Diploma of Applied University Studies and a Bachelor's degree in Propulsion Engineering, both from Blida University, Algeria (where I studied propulsion, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, turbomachinery design, heat transfer, programming, fluid mechanics and simulation), and subsequent MSc and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering respectively from Teesside University.

I am confident that my unique blend of academic research, industrial experience, and commitment to sustainable solutions aligns with the objectives of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3). I believe that I am well placed to significantly contribute to the UK's Net-Zero by 2050 initiative.

I appreciate your consideration of my application and am confident that, with this position, I can contribute significantly to the excellence of the UK's research in engineering and societal advancement.


Andrew is a Quality Graduate at Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) Offshore business and a PhD Candidate at the Advanced Composites Group.

Andrew has a broad range of experiences, mostly in composites but more recently in metals and welding. He has worked in both academia and industry and bridged the gap while working with the UK composites supply chain and RTO network while at the National Composites Centre. At SPR, he assists technical functions in quality management, particularly in the metals and welding space, working with a broad range of global suppliers.

With commercial and technical experience in multiple material classes across different parts of the UK and the globe, Andrew hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the IOM3 Advisory Council in Scotland. In particular, Andrew is keen to understand how the institute can engage with a younger audience in rural Scotland, and prospective members from disadvantaged communities.


Angus is a Chartered Engineer and Registered Ground Engineering Professional with expertise in construction phase delivery of infrastructure maintenance and renewal projects in difficult and challenging environments.  Angus applies this expertise in the  preconstruction phase where clients and asset owners sometimes are unsure of what challenges they may face in-the-ground and underground, and in construction/maintenance phase where his expertise can be drawn upon to offer solutions.

Angus champions early career engagement, regularly supporting our primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary education.  Angus is engaged in formal mentoring programmes with BAM UK & Ireland, Ground Forum and MCR Pathways.  Angus therefore brings knowledge and a network which connects our young people with policy makers and asset owners which would aid this role on the Advisory Council.


My technical expertise is in materials science/engineering, failure investigation, asset management, surface and coating technologies. Throughout my career, I have always aspired to engage in activities beyond my main subjects, eager to find the next brilliant idea or collaboration. I have been part of the Committee of the Scottish Association for Metals since 2018, first as a regular member, then vice-president, recently president. Beforehand, I was involved with the branch activities of the Sheffield Branch of The Welding Institute over seven years, as secretary, chairman, then president; I also became a member of the Professional Board.

I joined Strathclyde University as knowledge exchange manager at the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, where I established an outward facing approach to bridge academia and industry, remodelled the commercial strategy, and shaped a clear brand. I joined the Engineering Faculty Public Engagement Group and the departmental Marketing, Outreach, Visibility and Engagement Committee.


Early experience - Coalmining apprentice surveyor and trainee miner, Fife.

University - Strathclyde mining engineering BSc and rock mechanics PhD.

Employment - University College, Cardiff - lecturer in Mineral ExpJoitation-: Strathclyde 'AAth promotion to Professor: Heriot-Watt, Head of the world-class Institute of Petroleum Engineering, then Vice Principal for International Business Development including the Dubai Campus. Research always involved interaction with the mining and petroleum industries, and I have contributed to both - hence my Fellowships.

Past strategic-developments: Keeping Heriot-Watt in Orkney: The internationalisation of Heriot-Watt by growing their 'global presence' e.g. in Russia and Dubai: Founding of Global College Malta: A safer approach to coalface support specification.

Present strategic engagements: All UKMEF stands for: Developing Malta as a regional technician training centre: Plugging leaking oil wells.

I have a track record for seeing the need for strategy development and delivery relating to education and technology. I would enjoy doing this with IOM3.


Gavin Ferguson has a long practical experience in technical, production and the financial aspects of operating mines and mining projects world-wide. During the course of his professional life, Gavin has enjoyed the full range of mining student (undergraduate and two post graduate degrees), mining lecturer mining engineer and mining consultant. At various times, Gavin has had the opportunity to present and discuss engineering projects and findings at Board level of international mining companies.

As such, this wide range of experience and expertise of mining, supports his understanding of the educational and work environment of mining engineers and his ability to put forward the views and needs of fellow Members of the Institute.

RAHIMI Salaheddin

I lead the Materials and Residual Stress Group at the University of Strathclyde's Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), one of the UK's seven High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres. I am an expert in the measurements, modelling and control of microstructure, mechanical properties and residual stress during manufacturing. A key theme of my research is to utilise advanced characterisation techniques, to better understand how microstructure affects the mechanical response of materials. I have extensive experience of research leadership and have been working on industrial projects throughout the whole processing chain, primarily related to forging and forming of high value components. Given my significant experience in commercial research and development programmes and my academic skills and qualifications, I will bring different viewpoints to IOM3 Advisory Council, which I am eagerly looking forward to.


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