Advisory Council Overseas Representation election 2023

Candidates for vacancies on the IOM3 Advisory Council for the Overseas region are as follows, with their personal statement.

Below the candidates' personal statements is a form visible only to logged-in members of the Overseas region where you can vote for your preferred candidate.

Voting commences on Friday 15 December 2023 and closes on Friday 29 December 2023 at 8am in both cases.


Ian Baker obtained a BA and a DPhil in Materials from Oxford University. He has been at Dartmouth College since 1982, where he is currently the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education and the Sherman Fairchild Professor of Engineering. He was the Director of both a NIST-funded Center for Nanomaterials Research and a NIH-funded Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence. Dr Baker was twice a Summer Fellow at NASA-Lewis Research Center, and Principal Research Metallurgist at Sherritt-Gordon Ltd, Alberta. He is a Chartered Engineer, and a Fellow of IOM3, ASM international, TMS, MRS, and AAAS. He was Editor-in-Chief of the journal Materials Characterization from 2008-2020, and is currently (founding) co-Editor in Chief of High Entropy Alloys and Materials, and Field Chief Editor for Frontiers in Metals and Alloys. He has published over 500 papers and one book. He has supervised over 70 graduate students and 20 post-doctoral fellows.

BASU Bikranjit

My professional career in India, spanning over 22 years, has the following distinguishing and noteworthy features:

  • Academic positions at IIT Kanpur (2001-11) and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (2011-present)
  • Advisor to TATA Steel New Materials Business (Medical Materials)
  • 33+ research papers (cited >17,250 times; H-index 70)
  • Recipient of Humboldt Research Award and International Richard Brook Award from European Ceramic Society (ECerS)
  • Leadership roles as President, Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs India (1000+ members) and Chair-Bioceramics Division and many principal committees of American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
  • Only Materials Scientist to be elected a fellow of all five Indian National Academies in Science, Engineering and Medicine; and the ACerS and ECerS and Academician in the World Academy of Ceramics

Given my overseas leadership experiences, I am confident that I shall play a befitting role in the Advisory Council of IOM3.

CHOO Edwin

I would like to stand on the IOM3 Advisory Council as a representative of my region (Overseas) to have an opportunity to network, further develop my skills and provide a new perspective from my 19 years career as an engineer. I am willing to volunteer and help out the council and be the communication channels with other members. I would like to learn more about, and from others, while also contributing to the society that I have been attached to, which is IOM3. If I am given the opportunity, I would learn and do my best in the role to see where we can make improvements, provide more support to others and make this platform a success for all the members. It is with great hope to see more people participating in the membership to grow the networking community. 


Brendan graduated from the Camborne School of Mines in 1988. He is a technical director of processing with more than 35 years of overseas experience in Australia, Asia, Africa and the America's mining communities, comprising 15 years in Australia, now calling Canada home for 15 years whilst retaining strong links to the UK. He has experience in operations, project execution, engineering, studies, technology deployment, developing talent and is a QP(QMR) as defined by Nl43101/JORC. Brendan's career began in UK operations and in 1993 he emigrated to Australia where he led project developments with Rio Tinto/BHP's major iron ore expansions. In addition to commissioning these WA iron ore operations, he held the Process Lead role for Freeport's $4+ billion Cerro Verde project (copper) in Peru. Brendan's experience extends into low-carbon technologies as a globally recognized SME having delivered technical papers to the SME and CMP. He is also a Fellow of AuslMM.


I am Aynura Damirli, Senior Integrity Engineer at BP. I have an experience of eleven years in oil and gas industry.

As an advocate for innovation in materials science, I am thrilled to apply for the Advisory Council at IOM3. With a background in renewables, new inspection technologies, asset integrity and materials, I aim to contribute dynamic insights that propel the Institute toward pioneering advancements. My commitment to fostering collaboration and leveraging emerging technologies aligns with the lnstitute's vision. I aspire to amplify the council's discussions by infusing diverse perspectives, promoting sustainability, and nurturing future talent within the materials and mining sectors. By actively engaging with industry stakeholders and harnessing my passion for mentoring and coaching, I am dedicated to steering the Institute toward a progressive and impactful future.


Percy Hlangothi is a Polymer Scientist with about 18 years’ experience as an academic. He holds a PhD (Chemistry) from Nelson Mandela University, which is where he is currently employed as an Associate Professor (Physical & Polymer Chemistry). To date, he has co-supervised 23 master’s and 5 doctoral candidates to completion on research topics that are anchored around contributing towards the sustainability of materials such as rubber (mainly tyres), plastics and biomass. His knowledge contribution in the field includes 40 scientific journal articles, 7 book chapters and some conference proceedings. Percy’s secondary role at the university is as Director of the Centre for Rubber Science & Technology, where he oversees technical engagement activities with the local polymer industry (rubber & plastics) on product failure analysis and short R&D projects. Percy is currently the IOM3 South Africa Chair (since mid-2023), after serving as its Eastern Cape Regional Chair.


I've been a member of IOM3 since my earliest days as a student on the materials science course at the University of Oxford in 2012. I'm applying as I'd like to be more engaged with the Institute beyond my current contact, which is mostly through the monthly magazines and with my CEng mentor, whose support and friendship I would like to pass to others in turn. As a hydrogen researcher at Shell, I can also bring my experience to support the Institute's strategic planning in the corning years to adapt and grow to meet the needs of the rapidly changing energy industry. Based overseas, I am often not able to attend in-person events, and most of my colleagues are not yet chartered engineers, so I would like to contribute to raising the profile of the Institute amongst my peers and represent the views of young engineers abroad on the council.


As a 50y member of the Institute and its predecessors, involved with the Younger Metallurgists Committee (YMC), developing the 'Metals in the Service of Man' conferences, and the 'Man of Steel' marketing 'comic’ prior to residency in North America, I believe I’m an exemplary candidate.

In North America, I have served on the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Iron & Steel society (ISS)/ Association of Iron & Steel Technologists (AIST), chaired the Process Technology Division and BOD Committee on International Affairs (bringing the Instituto Argentina de Siderurgia (IAS) into ISS), organized conferences and served on many Committees including Decarbonization. As a BOD member of the Investment Casting Institute’s (ICI), I chaired the Marketing and R&D Committees. Obviously, as a BOD member, I was an advisor and part of the management team proposing direction for both international organizations.

Member also of the IAS, SEAISI, AFS and honorary member of AIST’s Australia and New Zealand chapter.

KASA Furkun

I am writing to express my sincere interest in serving on the Institute Advisory Council. As a highly experienced mining engineer with 17 years in the field, complemented by a PhD and an MBA, I am enthusiastic about contributing my knowledge and skills to advance the goals of the Institute.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated expertise in mining economics, cost analysis, project management, and mine planning and design. My track record of optimizing mining operations showcases my commitment to excellence in the industry. I believe that my academic background, combined with practical experience, uniquely positions me to provide valuable insights and perspectives to the Advisory Council.

Moreover, I have a strong desire to represent my country, Turkey, as an advisory councillor. I am eager to contribute to the global dialogue on mining practices and innovations, bringing a diverse perspective to the Council.

I am honored to be supported by individuals who can attest to my dedication and competence in the field. I am confident that my passion for advancing the mining industry aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Institute.

Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of the Institute and the mining community at large


I am excited about the prospect of representing the Overseas Region on the IOM3 Advisory Council. My diverse expertise - a PhD in Materials/Corrosion, complemented by a degree in chemistry, and current managerial experience in Toulouse, France - equips me to navigate complex interdisciplinary challenges across industries. With extensive work experience across Latin America, Asia, and Europe, I've honed my skills in cross-cultural dynamics, a valuable asset for this role. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, I'm open to discussions in these languages. Aligned with the Institute's vision, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of materials science, leveraging the unique perspectives of the Overseas Region. My dedication to innovation and embracing diverse viewpoints promises a comprehensive approach. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring effective representation for the region, striving to encapsulate its distinct perspectives within the Council's initiatives.


I express my interest to be considered for Overseas representative on the Advisory Council of IOM3.

I can contribute to the Council with an academic and industrial point of view, a vision specifically of Latin America, an international profile and a multi/lingual proficiency.

I hope my capabilities will be of use for the Council in the future.


I am a metallurgist by training with Masters. and PhD degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta and a BTech in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I have over 16 years of R&D experience spanning academia and industry, notably at GE Global Research, Bangalore. My domain expertise includes processing structure property relationships in metallic alloys, microstructural transformations in nickel-based superalloys, process heat-treatments for superalloys, thin film processing, electron microscopy & microanalysis, X-ray diffraction and electrical characterization methods. I presently work as a metallurgist for medical device development at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum.

I expect that my diverse background in materials, industry and academic experience, international exposure/experience and recent experience at an institute of national importance in India, will help contribute as a member of the IOM3 Advisory Council.


I am keenly interested in serving IOM3 in its overseas endeavors. I presently sit on the Board of Directors for the American Chemical Society (ACS) Rubber Division, the Executive Committee of the ACS Polymeric Materials Science & Engineering Division and the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Chapter of the Fulbright Association. I was previously on the Board of Directors for the Society of Plastics Engineers Piedmont-Coastal Chapter, Chair of the North Carolina ACS Polymer Discussion Group and President of the North Carolina Materials Research Society Chapter, and I am currently the student chapter advisor of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and president of the Tau Beta Pi Research Triangle Alumni Chapter. While my research has received institutional and international recognition (eg I received the 2011 Colwyn Medal from IOM3), I am actively involved in education and received the highest teaching award at NC State University.

SUN Yong

My expertise sits in the area of metallic catalyst preparation for synthetic fuel production via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, hydrogen generation and storage, phosphorous ore clean processing together with accompanying phosphorous gypsum high value conversion during the last 10 years. Currently, my Google Scholar H-index achieved at 33 and I was awarded Top 2% Scientist in 2022 (Stanford University).

Apart from academia commitment, I have been active in industrial demonstration projects: I was the key member contributing Australian Largest Industrial Scale GTL­ gas to liquid: SYNCAT facility ($6 million 24/7 fully automated industrial scale compact GTL facility) in CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) Australia.

Additionally, some citizenship for the global institute includes:

  • Senior Fellow (High Education Academy-HEA UK), SFHEA
  • Charted Engineer CEng
  • Fellow FIMMM

In summary, make commitments as an active citizenship in our Institute will be great honor and pleasure. Your consideration for this EOI is highly appreciated.


I am a mining professional, with over 35 years' experience (and IOM3 membership); operational (underground and open pit), technical, consulting and corporate, growing businesses across Africa, Australasia and Asia.

Strategic and leadership experience spans feasibility studies, mineral audits/ evaluations, independent technical reports, techno-economic studies, capital raising, merger and acquisitions, managing joint ventures, research and development, stock exchange compliance, business development, company promotion, and stakeholder relations.

As an SRK Consulting Group Global Director, we monitor global management activities including consulting practices performance, approve and monitor strategic plans and, compliance with company law and promote good corporate governance.

I am an IOM3 Approved Assessor, Professional Review Interviews and peer review assessments.

With the experience I have, I believe I can ensure that our organisation will continue to grow, maintaining the highest standards of governance and strategic direction, for all members.


It will be a great honour to serve in this position. I am the Head of the School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand and this enables me to have increase the visibility of lOM3 locally, but also in Africa with various connections on the continent such as engineering departments in Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. This is through previous students and networks that were run from our School. With the rich mineral resources in South Africa and the neighbouring countries it is important to improve the understanding of minerals and materials and lOM3 can play a vital role in this through courses and networks. This can be done by increasing the membership in Africa as well as an active participation and interaction with students to give them exposure to the wonderful world of materials.


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