Advisory Council Member Grade Representation election 2023

Candidates for vacancies on the IOM3 Advisory Council for the Member grade are as follows, with their personal statement.

Below the candidates' personal statements is a form visible only to logged-in members of the Member grade where you can vote for your preferred candidate.

Voting commences on Friday 15 December 2023 and closes on Friday 29 December 2023 at 8am in both cases.

ADU-POKU William

William Adu-Poku, a Black African professional from a minority background, offers a distinct and valuable perspective to the IOM3 Advisory Board. His educational journey in the UK, culminating in a background in metallurgical and materials engineering, a Master's in Oil and Gas Engineering, and an MBA in Leadership and Project Management, underscores his resilience and dedication. As a young growing metallurgist, William's hands-on experience in research, project management, and business growth strategies uniquely positions him to contribute to the Advisory Board. His presence ensures a diverse and inclusive approach to major strategic decisions, blending cultural insights with technical expertise. William's journey reflects a commitment to excellence, making him a compelling candidate to enrich the Advisory Board's governance and contribute to the advancement of mining, metallurgy, and materials within IOM3.


I would like to explain why I would be a valued asset to the Advisory Council. After graduating with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Swansea University, I have applied my acquired knowledge within the defence, construction, aerospace, metal processing and product manufacturing industries. I work as an Engineering Project Manager for A K Industries Ltd, a technical plastic injection moulding business, specialising in the full lifecycle of component manufacture with a focus on metal replacement.

I serve the Institute as a member of the Commercial Activities Board offering strategic direction for revenue generating activities and as a student participated regularly in the IOM3 Young Persons' Lecture Competition.

My range of experiences coupled with my awareness of the commercial activities undertaken within the Institute stand me in good stead to represent our member grade and offer strategic input to the Executive Board.


I am standing as a representative for the Member Grade on the IOM3 Advisory Council with the goal of being an advocate for all MIMMM members, whilst engaging more closely with the communities throughout the Institute. I have been a member of IOM3 since my time studying at the University of Sheffield and I currently work as a Materials & Corrosion Engineer in the chemical processing industry. I take pride in being an effective communicator and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously, which I believe would be an asset in this role. Additionally, I have experience working in both Gender Equality and LGBT+ Networks, defining strategy and effectively managing stakeholders and sponsorship to maximize impact.


Being considered for serving the Institute will be a great honour. My diverse educational history and black cultural background can offer a different voice, and it will also be an opportunity to give back. I truly believe that I can serve the Institute well given my unique blend of academic, industrial, professional, and social engagements. My continuous drive for personal and professional development in these areas will provide current and future insights that’ll benefit the interests of the Institute. I believe the Institute will continue to have a decisive role to play in the ever-increasing changes and challenges we face in our world of materials, and I would like to collaboratively contribute towards the continuous success of the Institute for future generations.

DuPONT Victoria

I am an Experienced Managing Director, BRCGS Packaging Auditor, Registered BRCGS Systems Compliance Consultant/IRCA Certified SS Principal Auditor, Certificated Social Compliance Auditor (CSCA with APSCA), BRCGS ATP Food Safety Issue 9, Plant-Based Issue 1, Gluten-Free Issue 3, Packaging Materials Issue 6, Storage & Distribution Issue 4, ETRS Issue 2.1, and An Approach to Product Safety Culture, with a demonstrated history of 38 years of working in the Contract packing/packaging (food and non-food), Consumer Goods, Retail, Textiles, Manufacturing Services, Food and Confectionery Industries. Skilled in Systems Compliance, GFSI, BRCGS, BSCI, CSR, Sustainability, SA8000, SEDEX, SMETA, H&S, Sales, Sales Management, General Management, Management, Leadership, Strategy and Financial Accounting.

Strong business development Professional with a Post Graduate Diploma focused in Business Administration and Management from Leeds University Business School.

A second Post Graduate Degree in Export Management, together with BRCGS Professional and SGS Social Systems Lead Auditor Certification.

I have a wealth of experience that I would like to utilise in assisting the IOM3 Advisory Council in driving forward to meet the goals and objectives of the Institute into 2024 and beyond.


As a mineral processing engineer with over 20 years of experience working in the mining sector, I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to help shape the direction of the Institute and support our professional community.

I believe that serving as a representative for my Grade on the Advisory Council would be a fantastic opportunity to share my ideas, insights, and experiences, and to support the Institute's mission of promoting excellence and innovation from a critical metals point of view.

I believe that I possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to serve effectively in this role. I am confident that I can bring valuable perspectives and insights to the Advisory Council.

I am committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of this role and attending the two meetings per year, one virtual and one hybrid. I also understand that the term of office for elected Advisory Councillors is four years.

FAN Antonia

I have recently taken on the role as a Senior Corrosion and Coatings Engineer at BAE Systems Submarines and will be responsible for paint selection of the SSNA class submarine. I have five years of industrial experience as a Manufacturing Engineer for marine coatings and I am also qualified as a Level 1 ICORR paint inspector. Prior to this, I completed a bachelor’s degree in chemical and Biological Engineering, which I followed with a master's degree in Material Science Engineering. This was to pursue my interest in coatings, following an internship at AkzoNobel.  

I would like to represent the advisory council, as a representative of the Member Grade (MIMMM), to be a voice for women in STEM whose work interfaces with a broad spectrum of roles, from trades through to management.


I've been a member of IOM3 since my earliest days as a student on the materials science course at the University of Oxford in 2012. I'm applying as I'd like to be more engaged with the Institute beyond my current contact, which is mostly through the monthly magazines and with my CEng mentor, whose support and friendship I would like to pass to others in turn. As a hydrogen researcher at Shell, I can also bring my experience to support the Institute's strategic planning in the corning years to adapt and grow to meet the needs of the rapidly changing energy industry. Based overseas, I am often not able to attend in-person events, and most of my colleagues are not yet chartered engineers, so I would like to contribute to raising the profile of the Institute amongst my peers and represent the views of young engineers abroad on the council.

MAFINA Marc-Krystelle

I became a member of IOM3 during my PhD in Biomedical Biomaterials Science and given awesome support from my supervisor, Dr Karin A Hing, also a member. Through the membership, I was able to attend various workshop, events and meet my peers. This has expanded my skills and knowledge, which I was able to use throughout my PhD and still in use today. I believe my scientific knowledge, willingness to help with the scrutineering and any work when I can with my personality was why I was asked to join the membership committee.  Being a CEng/CSci professional member at IOM3 has expanded my connections and often my view in solving issues/projects but also getting new ideas. As a product manager, I co-ordinate projects between manufacturing, sales, operations, technical support, R&D, marketing and customers in order to drive revenue. I know how to communicate with a varied audience and get results.

NAGI Chirnjeev

The ability to adapt is paramount in an ever-changing world. With over a decade worth of experience in engineering, I will apply my experiences from completing an Engineering Doctorate and my industrial background to the position of advisory council member.

Degrees are not the only way to thrive in the workplace. I aim to help grow the opportunities for students and early career members, by passing on the knowledge of alternative routes to a successful career that may or may not involve a degree.

The strength of IOM3 is in the volunteers that dedicate their free time to creating dedicated spaces that allow amazing ideas to flourish. To ensure greater opportunities for inclusion, I wish to aid in facilitating the growth of the new sector networks.

And finally, I will use my general love of materials science and engineering to create progressive and positive actions within the IOM3 community.


As manager of the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory UK laboratory at Cummins Engine Components, over the last ten years I have developed technologies and applied them to components. Such as, light weight alloys, superalloys, non-destructive testing, and coatings and surface treatments.

I first joined IOM3 in 2014 and achieved chartership in 2019. During this time, I have attended several IOM3 events finding many of them truly inspiring. One such event directly led me to develop the field of sustainable materials within Cummins, forming a global Sustainable Materials workgroup.

If elected, I want to use my experiences within industry and IOM3 to help drive increased depth and breadth of capability into laboratory technicians and early career professionals. Through my passion of sustainability as well as my experiences of working in a dynamic and evolving industry, I hope to inspire a new generation of materials scientists


I am a research assistant in Multiscale Materials Informatics & Innovation (M2i2) at the University of Sheffield. My expertise lies in mathematical modelling within materials science, focusing on solidification, liquation in welding, additive manufacturing processes, and digital threading. Engaged in collaborative projects with aerospace industries, I have contributed to significant initiatives such as the ATI-funded Manufacturing Portfolio, IUK-funded DualWall, and EPRC-funded AMCASH.

My current research focuses on integration of sensor data with physics-based modelling tools for solid-state manufacturing for titanium applications. My diverse background includes working with various materials, from metals to polymers. My industry focused research is addressing needs in product design, failure analysis, and process optimization, feeding to the development and adoption of MATERIALS 4.0.

I believe that I can bring a unique combination of industrial acumen and research depth to the IOM3 Advisory Council.

TOMOU Aphrodite

I'm excited to express my interest in representing my Grade (Member MIMMM) on the IOM3 Advisory Council. As Head of Technical at Goodfellow, a global materials supplier, I have built our technical division by fostering empowerment, strategic technical consultancy, and collaborative initiatives. Through innovation, we've achieved a remarkable 26% year-on-year growth.

A devoted member of the Science and Engineering community, I contribute to Innovate UK and BSI, representing Goodfellow by focusing on material research and standardisation. Recognised as an Exemplar in The Manufacturer's Top 100 in the UK (2023), I'm proud of my commitment to the field. I have a passion for nurturing profound relationships within the materials science and engineering domain, cultivating this by serving as an invited speaker at international and national conferences and summits. My expertise includes chemical synthesis and characterisation of materials, with a particular focus on nanomaterials, metal thin films, and other innovative materials.


I am an experienced professional within materials engineering, specialising in concrete technology, soils engineering and rock mechanics, while leading and providing technical support for innovative resource efficient and carbon saving initiatives, through my involvement in major infrastructure projects.

My dedication to continuous learning, innovation and mentoring of junior members of the wider engineering community, alongside my commitment to promoting collaboration and diversity within the sector, aligns with the IOM3 values of inclusivity and advancement.

I have put myself forward for the trustee role, as I believe that my experience in the construction industry, will support IOM3 to achieve its goals and contribute to its impact within the industry.


My main motivation for applying to the Advisory Council as a MIMMM grade is to make a difference in IOM3 by sharing my professional expertise and personal experiences throughout my career. I believe to be a strong candidate due to my expertise and knowledge in materials science and chemical engineering. I earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and master’s degree in material science and engineering at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Leeds University, respectively. I recently joined Sellafield Ltd as a Senior Technical Advisor after completing my PhD project in nuclear material’s degradation at Leeds University. My experience in the oil and gas, geosynthetics, and petrochemical industries has also given me practical proficiency in non-destructive and destructive material testing. Lastly, I’ve been part of the Midland Institute of Mining Engineers for a few years, during which I have learned the value of contributing to a larger community and developed important soft skills.


In my current role as head of Geological Services for Cemex UK, I am involved in searching for new deposits of Aggregates, Building Materials, Cementitious Secondary Materials, and recently potential Industrial Minerals.

I believe that the work and research IOM3 carries out is critical in the following:

  • Informing business of the next potential mineral market.
  • Bringing innovation to the mining and quarrying sectors through new technologies and practices.
  • Understanding how the search and use of minerals is tied into critical infrastructure projects and ensuring that countries like the UK can secure a domestic supply of these minerals in a sustainable practice.

I would like to bring my experience and knowledge to the advisory council to help support new membership coming through into the Institute and help promote the role of the UK quarrying sector into IOM3.


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