Starpack Industry 2015 categories

Details of the various categories are given below.
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  • Food  – all food packaging including fresh, frozen or other
  • Alcohol  –  includes packaging for wine, beer and spirits  
  • Luxury – includes seasonal packaging such as Christmas gifts, Easter eggs,  high end products like perfume or jewellery that has the ability to "wow" the consumer
  • Non Alcohol Beverages  - packaging for liquid or dry tea, coffee, water and soft drinks

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  • Personal Care Care – includes the packaging of cosmetics, toiletries, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral-care and all medicines including over the counter medicines
  • Home – DIY, Gifts & Gardening - includes the packaging of household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment,  decorating, electrical

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  • Transit – Business to Consumer- Direct to front door, postal packaging, internet sales
  • Point of Sale  –  end of aisle display units – must contain product for judging purposes
  • Retail Ready  – a unit for single or multiple items, used for shelf ready display and collation, which may or may not also act as the transit pack to retailer or consumer

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  • Industrial Packaging – Industrial (heavy duty) and distribution packaging – inter-company packaging
  • Material Innovations – use of new substrates and technologies
  • The Greenstar  Sustainable Award – – a true sustainable pack that challenges the world we live in today
  • Effective use of packaging for marketing – have you got a pack that screams buy me – then enter this category.  Graphic and new or existing reproduction techniques that add outstanding value to the pack, aesthetic or other practical functional solutions that blend inspiration and creativity into sales performing product.  
  • Best Supermarket Own Label Pack and/or Range – a single or range of packs developed under a supermarkets own label

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10 million people on the UK are over the age of 65 and this figure will increase to 15.5 million people by 2034. Half of all adults in the UK are over the age of 47.  20% of the UK population have some form of disability.  These statistics define the some of challenges faced by the packaging design and development community. Whilst designing and developing packaging for a changing population it is important to remember that ageing is not our only issue, awareness of capability is equally important. Starpack will this year be offering the packaging industry an opportunity to show how they are supporting the real needs of a changing marketplace by giving entrants the opportunity to enter a new category in the competition that will showcase the packs which show the greatest consideration for the range of abilities in a products consumer demographic.

Entrants to this category will be required to show:

  • How they have approached gaining an understanding of the abilities of their chosen consumer group.
  • The process that they applied to effectively ensure that the majority of their consumers can use the package throughout its designed life.
  • Packs will be judged by experts in the field of inclusive design drawn from industry and academia.
  • Tools to help entrants compile their evidence can be found at

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Shooting Star Award
This award will be given to a young packaging professional who is making a real difference beyond the call of duty.   The person may excel at supporting the supply base, their customers , has real flair and talent.    Companies are invited to nominate people within their company or industry and explain in no more than a 300 word submission how that person has made a difference.     

Packaging Development Team of the Year
This award will be given to a development team or an individual that has made a real difference,  adding innovation and added value to their customers in the last 12 months.   Companies are invited to nominate people within their company or industry and explain in no more than a 300 word submission how that person/team has made a difference.    

Packaging Industry Awarding Body Company (PIABC)  Best Student of the Year
The award is made to the student who had achieved the highest overall mark in the Diploma in Packaging Technology or the Certificate in Packaging.

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