Materials World 150th Anniversary Issue

Welcome to the beautiful anniversary edition of Materials World. You will notice that it is larger than normal and, thanks to the sterling work of our designers, it includes a special cover and a commemorative eight-page fold-out detailing our Institute’s family tree and its continued growth.

This is to celebrate the founding of the predecessors of our Institute, and trace the unions and collaborations that have brought us to where we are today. In our nod to the past you can read a brief history of IOM3 (page 36), the work of Henry Bessemer (page 42) and a condensed version of the first President’s inaugural address (page 39). However, in addition to recognising past achievements we are also looking ahead to the challenges and emerging opportunities in current and future materials development. You can read about more specific issues in the division-focused articles, from page 46.

Individuals have played vital roles in the success of IOM3, and we celebrate the contributions of women in materials (page 82), highlight young people to watch (page 84), and thank the Member's Benevolent Trust (page 77) which continues to assist members and their families during difficult times.

This issue of Materials World has been a truly collaborative one. As well as our designers going the extra mile, we have received messages from our President and CEO, historical information from our librarians and publisher, a personal note regarding Institute News, and contributions from some of our divisions. Your ongoing support for the magazine is greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoy and keep this anniversary issue for years to come.

Ceri Jones, Editor


News this issue:

Hydraulic testing facility to open in Scotland for testing tidal energy

Underground mining in West Cumbria receives planning permission for producing metallurgical coal

Formula1 lightweight materials is introduced into aircraft interior

Carbon capturing technology receives millions from investors

Shock-proof helmet with WaveCel technology

Coventry University and FEV launches £50mln centre for cleaner mobility

A combat helicopter with dual counter rotating blades takes flight

How silicone films connected to gloves improves the quality of manual work

The world’s largest underwater restaurant

A self-healing material supports electronics

Chrome-free protection against corrosion

Reuseable polymer membrane quickly filters oil and water

Combatting construction waste with colour-coded bins

Recycling steel casings from oil wells

Lightyear Foundation helps children learn STEM

Treloar school designs for special educational needs

Design for autistic people’s spaces

Iron Cycle 2019 at IOM3

Features this issue:

How to avoid knowledge loss and get the right skills

Q&A with Ben Cordier from The Coal Authority

15 under 30

The history of IOM3

The inaugural speech of the first meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute

Henry Bessemer – a London exhibition

Get talking – President’s message

Get talking – CEO’s message

Material Marvels: The Notre-Dame fire highlighted timber shortage issues

Deep-sea mining opens mineral opportunities on the seabeds

How to… use plant-based ingredients to make polymers

The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum

Making progress in polymers

Steeled for innovation

The value of ceramics

The rise of composites

The future of professional engineering

Mining inventors and innovations

100 years of UK oil

Member's Benevolent Trust

Meet the librarians

Our people make the difference

Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining

The cover story

Patent of the month – Potash pit to coated pip