Rosenhain Medal & Prize

In recognition of distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science.

Rosenhain Medal & Prize

The Rosenhain Medal & Prize is presented in recognition of distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science, with preference given to nominees in their early career*.

The winner will receive a medal and £300.00

The Institute defines early career as meaning someone who is as of 1 September 2021 (and allows for career breaks, e.g. parental leave):
1. within 10 years of the start of their first employment (or self-employment) in a materials, minerals or mining related role, or
2. within 6 years of completing their PhD (in a relevant subject), whichever is sooner
Note - the 10 years from the start of their first employment would not normally include any apprenticeships (or equivalent training scheme)

Award judging

Nominations for the Rosenhain Medal & Prize are judged by the Structure & Properties of Materials Committee of the Materials Science & Technology Division.

Past winners

2020 S Bernal Lopez, 2019 C Gourlay, 2018 K-T Yong, 2017 S Haigh, 2016 M Titirici, 2015 S Banerjee, 2014 N Stingelin, 2013 Ian Kinloch, 2012 S Eichhorn, 2011 M Ryan, 2010 Prof Molly Stevens, 2009 Dr Neil D Mathur, 2008 Dr Sarah Hainsworth, 2007 Prof Alfonso H W Ngan, 2006 Prof Long, 2005 Prof R C Thomson, 2004 Dr P Midgley, 2003 Prof W M Rainforth, 2002 Dr Robin W Grimes, 2001 Prof P J Withers, 2000 Prof P Bowen, 1999 Dr W E Lee, 1998 Dr V Randle, 1997 J B Pethica, 1996 Prof P J Gregson, 1995 Dr A Donald, 1994 H K D Bhadeshia, 1993 Dr B Cantor, 1992 R O Ritchie, 1991 G D W Smith, 1990 W M Stobbs, 1989 C J Humphreys, 1988 H M Flower, 1987 A H Windle, 1986 M McLean, 1985 F J Humphreys, 1984 B Ralph, 1982 G J Davies, 1981 L M Brown, 1979 M F Ashby, 1978 J F Knott, 1977 G Thomas, 1976 Ernest D Hondros, 1975 G W Greenwood, 1973 D Hull, 1972 R E Smallman, 1971 R B Nicholson, 1970 J A Catterall, 1969 J W Christian, 1968 D W Pashley, 1967 P J E Forstyth, 1966 A Cibula, 1965 M K McQuillan, 1964 R S Barnes, 1963 B A Bilby, 1962 J Friede, 1961 P B Hirsch, 1960 N J Petsch, 1959 R W K Honeycombe, 1958 J H Hollomon, 1957 H K Hardy, 1956 D McLean, 1955 W A Baker, 1954 A G Cottrell, 1953 C E Ransley, 1952 A Guinier, 1951 G V Raynor


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