Kroll Medal & Prize

For contribution in the scientific understanding of materials chemistry in industrial production of inorganic materials.

Kroll Medal & Prize

The Kroll Medal & Prize is presented for significant contribution that has enhanced the scientific understanding of materials chemistry as applied to the industrial production of materials, normally inorganic.

The winner will receive a medal and £300.00

Award judging

The Kroll Medal & Prize is judged by the Materials Chemistry Committee of the Materials Science & Technology Division.

Past winners

2020 K L Choy, 2019 D Gregory, 2018 J Driscoll, 2017 S Skinner, 2016 Not awarded, 2015 S Fries, 2014 V Kumar, 2013 K Hing, 2012 J Coleman, 2011 S Best, 2010 K Scrivener, 2009 M Edirisinghe, 2008 I Parkin, 2007 P O’Brien, 2006 J Evans, 2004 J Williamson, 2003 J H Sharp, 2002 A Hendry, 2001 F P Glasser, 2000 A Atkinson, 1999 H F W Taylor, 1998 F R Sale, 1996 K C Mills, 1995 B C H Steele, 1994 D Inman, 1993 N A Warner, 1992 R J Hawkins, 1991 R N Parkins, 1990 B B Argent, 1989 J A Charles, 1987 D J Fray.


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