Hume-Rothery Prize

For distinguished achievements on phase relationships in metallic/non-metallic materials of metallurgical interest.

Hume-Rothery Prize

The Hume-Rothery Prize is presented in recognition of distinguished achievements concerned with phase relationships in metallic materials or non-metallic materials of metallurgical interest.

The winner will receive a certificate and £300.00

Award judging

The Hume-Rothery Prize is judged by the Materials Chemistry Committee of the IOM3 Materials Science & Technology Division.

Past winners

2020 Prof Klaus Hack, 2019 S G Fries, 2017 H Ipser, 2016 N Dupin, 2015 J Robson, 2014 A V da Costa e Silva, 2013 A Watson, 2012 G Effenberg, 2011 F Glasser, 2010 Rr Schmid-Fetzer, 2009 P J Spencer, 2008 J Taylor, 2007 T Nishizawa, 2006 A L Greer, 2005 B Sundman, 2004 M H Rand, 2003 A D Pelton, 2002 N Saunders, 2001 V Raghavan, 2000 A T Dinsdale, 1999 R Ferro, 1998 F H Hayes, 1997 T G Chart, 1996 L Kaufman, 1995 I Ansara, 1994 A P Miodownik, 1993 H L Lukas, 1992 H K D H Bhadeshia, 1991 M Hillert, 1990 D Pettifor, 1989 T B Massalski, 1987 D R F West, 1986 F N Rhines.


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