Zheng Yu Ng - Malaysia

Ng Zheng Yu is currently a final year mechanical engineering undergraduate student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. He is actively involved in various events and competitions organised by the university. His recent achievement was winning the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) METD design award as the champion and best presentation. He is under Malaysian Government scholarship and shows academic excellence throughout his studies at the university. He has been in the Dean's List since year one. Mr Ng always strives for excellence and has great plans to contribute to the technological development and advancement that benefit the society. His current final year project involves the preparation of graphene-based nanocomposite for dye removal from polluted water based on an adsorption theory.

Graphene-based magnetic hybrids for dye removal

Graphene, the 21st century wonder material, has been further modified to extend its function by combining magnetic particles (iron, nickel and zinc), forming graphene-based magnetic hybrids which are able to solve one of the world's biggest crises (Dyed Water Pollution). This hybrid can be re-collected easily by just performing a simple external magnetic separation to isolate out the solids from the treated solution, which become the best dye removal material. Malachite Green and Crystal Violet were chosen as the experimental dyes owing to their wide applications in modern industries currently, and also to make the results more closely related to real-world scenarios. Through experimentation, the optimum operating conditions were determined and proved to remove up to 95% of dyes in polluted water. Moreover, the retrieved hybrids can be re-used up to 4 times without affecting their initial dye adsorption ability after re-processing with ethanol, further minimising the negative environmental impact.


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