Maitheya Riva

Maitheya is currently working for RINA Tech UK Ltd (formerly Edif ERA) as a Materials Engineer in the Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness team, where her role within the consultancy focusses mainly on forensic investigations of failed components and assets in the field of industry production and R&D support. Prior to working for RINA Tech UK Ltd, she acquired a BSc in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnologies from Politecnico of Milan in Italy, which included a six-month research programme at the Merate Astronimic Observatory, characterising fatigue resistance of solid state photochromic diaryalethens. This was followed by an MSc in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnologies, also at Politecnico of Milan, including a six-month placement at the University of Chemistry and Technologies of Prague (Czech Republic), in the department of Inorganic Chemistry, working on a thesis project on photocatalysis of TiO2-active carbon composite for air and water treatment from organic pollutants. She has since joined the graduate scheme of RINA Tech UK Ltd where she is now continuing to explore the world of materials, ranging from metallurgy, polymer science and electronics.

In her spare time, Maitheya enjoys music and is currently training as an opera singer, but also keeping active and exploring the outdoors.

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