YMC contacts

The current YMC committee members are as shown below. Click on a name to see that person's full profile and contact details. If you would like to get more involved in our activities, or even join the committee, please contact us by using our email address ymc@iom3.org. We would love to hear from you!



Sam Cruchley (Chair, University of Birmingham)

Martyn Jones (Vice-Chair, Rolls-Royce plc.)

Kate Thornton (Croda)

Marina Galano (University of Oxford)

Iain Thew (Dossor Group)

Matthew Cole (Cambridge University)

Annabel Fitzgerald (University of Birmingham)

Emma Griffiths (Jaguar Land Rover)

Aimee Goodall (University of Birmingham)

Kay Jervis (Morgan Advanced Materials)

Daniel Stevens (MBDA Missile Systems)


Corresponding Members

Jaymeen Amin (Airbus) 

Ileigo Akagwu (INTECSEA)

Jessica Middlemiss (Dyson)

John Forsdike (Rolls-Royce)

Angus James Morrison (Imperial College)

Rachael Ambury (Element Six Group) 

Farai Carter (Dyson)