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  • Let’s get technical

    Kathryn Allen looks at how the apprenticeship levy is shaping UK investment in technical education.
  • Q&A – Peter Winebloom

    Kathryn Allen talks to Peter Winebloom, Technical Training Director at EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation, UK, about his career to date, technical training and the apprenticeship levy.
  • Technical vs. personal skills

    David Cartwright* says developing personal skills is mandatory when wanting to step into leadership positions in engineering.
  • Testing leadership skills

    Ian Bowbrick* offers an insight into assessment centres and the leadership skills assessors are looking for in engineers.
  • Q&A – Kirsten Bodley

    Kathryn Allen speaks to Kirsten Bodley, Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Engineering Society, about her career to date and good management practice.
  • Funding R&D

    Kathryn Allen looks at the changing environment of R&D funding.
  • Q&A – Serena Best

    Kathryn Allen talks to Serena Best CBE FREng FIMMM about her career and securing funding for the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials.
  • Q&A with Viacheslav Zyrin

    Kathryn Allen talks to Viacheslav Zyrin, Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg Mining University, Russia, about the benefits of becoming chartered.
  • The benefits of chartership

    Kathryn Allen looks at the benefits of becoming chartered.
  • Back to school

    Kathryn Allen speaks to three professionals about the benefits of further study to professional development.