Young Persons' Lecture Competition archive

The names of the finalists in past Young Persons' Lecture Competitions (previously known as the National Lecture Competition) are listed below.

2019 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Megan McGregor - South East Winner
James Grant - South West 2nd place
Jack Saunders - North West 3rd place
Matthew Wadge - Midlands
Federica Rosaria Lisa - North East
Abigail Georgia Robinson - Scotland

Full details of the 2019 finalists
2019 Competition report

2018 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Sam Lawton - Midlands Winner
Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte - South East 2nd place
Chloe Fisher - North East 3rd place
Ian Cawood - Scotland
Pablo Martinez Pancorbo - South West & South Wales
Josh Turner - North West & North Wales

Full details of the 2018 finalists
2018 Competition report

2017 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Ilija Rasovic - South East Winner
Amanda Field - Midlands 2nd Place
Marli De Jongh - Scotland 3rd Place
Jemma Rowlandson - South West & South Wales
Beatriz Mingo - North West & North Wales
Smart coatings: Challenges and opportunitiesWill Foster - North East

Full details of the 2017 finalists
2017 Competition report

2016 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Colleen Mann - North East WINNER
Ryan Marks - South West & South Wales 2nd Place
Harriett Parnell - Midlands 3rd Place
Hollie Rosier - Parsons Conference
James Mansfield - Scotland
Giacomo Bertali - North West & North Wales
James Dolan - South East

Full details of the 2016 finalists
2016 competition report

2015 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Maria Cann - South East WINNER
Rachel Wong - North East SECOND PLACE
Mohammed Adeel Shaikh - North West & North Wales THIRD PLACE
Martyn Dranfield - South West & South Wales
Jacob Spear - Midlands
Tanya Patel - Scotland

Full details of the 2015 finalists
2015 competition report

2014 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Duncan Johnstone - South East
Matthew Topping - North West 2nd place
Richard Driscoll - South West 3rd place
Annabel Fitzgerald - Midlands
Alistair R McDonald - Scotland
Sharon Hollingsworth - North East

Full details of the 2014 finalists
2014 competition report

2013 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Adam Brown - Midlands
Joshua William Hughes - Scotland
Elizabeth Eaves - North West
Ruari Brooker - South West
Jessica Smith - South East
Jodie McDaniel - North East

Full details of the 2013 finalists
2013 competition report

2012 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Abbas Delavarmogh - Scotland
Simon Lawes - Midlands
David Hallam - South East
James MacFrlane - South West
Robert Lambert - North East
James Rolph - North West

Full details of the 2012 finalists
2012 competition report

2011 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Jenni Tilley - South East region - Winner
Jack Naylon - South West
Fabien Leonard - North West
Simon Bainbridge - North East
Houra Mozaffar - Scottish region
Lucas Morgan - Midlands region

Full details of the 2011 finalists
2011 competition report (pdf 582KB)

2010 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Katie Moore – South East region – Winner
Michael James  – South West region 
Anqi Wang  – Midlands region 
Kate Thornton – North West region 
Andrew Wilson  – North East region
Brian Mees  – Scottish region

Full details of the 2010 finalists
2010 competition report (pdf 568KB)

2009 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Ashley White – South East region
Naresh Ranvah – South West region 
Simon Lawes – Midlands region 
Fabien Léonard – North West region 
Oliver Binns – North East region
Luke Buskie – Scottish region
Rochelle O'Hara – Irish region – Winner

2009 competition report (pdf 984KB)

2008 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Hedeer Jawad South East Region
Diana Edwards South West Region
Ian Edmonds Midlands Region
Sinan Al-Bermani North East Region – Winner
Alison Patrick North West Region
David Marshall Scottish Region
Joe Nwaejike
Irish Region

2008 competition report (pdf 176KB)

2007 Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Richard Beal – South East Region
John Forsdike – South West Region – Winner
Naomi Lee – Midlands Region
Jonathan Fay – North East Region
Paweena Sureeyatanapas – North West Region
Victor Dongo – Scottish Region
Martin McMullan – Irish Region

2007 Competition Report (pdf 100KB)

2006 National Lecture Competition

Andrew Tarpey – Midlands – Winner
Sophie Williams –
Eoin Cunningham – Irish region

2006 Competition Report (pdf 120KB)

2005 National Lecture Competition

Eleanor Merson – North East Region – Winner
Svetlana Poliakova – North West Region
Tom Geddes – South East Region

2005 Competition Report (pdf 176KB)

2004 National Lecture Competition

Ruth Sayer - South East Region
Luca Cecchini- South West Region
Gemma Dixon - Midlands Region
Iain Baillie - North East Region - Winner
Rachael Walker - North West Region
Peter O'Hare - Irish Region
Buddadev Jana - Scottish Region
Lydia Wong - Singapore

2004 Competition Report (pdf 288KB)

2003 National Lecture Competition

Daniel Boyd - Northern Ireland Region
Naeem Al-Jabari - Scottish Region
Charlotte Foster - Midlands Region
Jonathan Harris - South West Region - Winner
Mark Levy - South East Region
Charles Ho - Overseas

2003 Competition Report (pdf 84KB)

2002 National Lecture Competition

Shirley Duddy – Irish Region
Alexander Evans - North West Region
Scott McCann - North East Region
Emma Williams - South West Region
Chris Manson-Whitton - South East Region - Winner
Bala Kandasubramanian – Midlands Region

2002 Competition Report (pdf 176 KB)

2001 National Lecture Competition

Chris Rawlings - South East Region
Andrew Tarpey - Midlands Region - Winner
James Samworth - South West Region
Simon Aldersley - North East Region
Kevin Kuang - North West Region

2000 National Lecture Competition

Enda Duignan - Irish Region
Julia Pickering - Midlands Region
Daniel Easter - North East Region
Fionnuala Costello - North West Region
Pascal Boinard - Scottish Region
Susan Williams - South East Region - Winner
Owen Draper - South West Region
Justin Searle - South West Region