Yamuna Munusamy, Malaysian finalist

Yamuna Munusamy from Penang, Malaysia, was born in 1982. She obtained a place in Universiti Sains Malaysia to pursue her first degree in Polymer Engineering. Her passion for polymer science and technology has grown ever since.

Recipient of a MOSTI/Malaysia Government Scholarship in 2006, she is currently inĀ  her second year of doctorate studies, focusing on the development of environmentally friendly halogen free polymer cables by using nanoclay filler and irradiation technology. Yamuna has authored several international papers on polymer nanocomposites. She seeks to cultivate environmental awareness through her current and future research work. In her spare time, she enjoys community activities and reading autobiographies.

Nanoclay filled polymer composites for halogen free cable applications

Most network cables are insulated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. In fires these emit toxic gases-hydrogen chloride and dioxin which can be dangerous to humans and the environment. Much research has been carried out to substitute PVC cables with halogen free polymers such as ethylene vinyl acetate, polypropylene and epoxidized natural rubber.

However, compared to PVC cables, halogen free polymers exhibit low flame retardant properties. This lecture presents the possibility of using nanoclay as a filler to improve flame retardancy and mechanical properties. It will also touch on some fundamental concepts of nanoclay filled polymer nanocomposites to fully understand the efficiency of nanoclay as a filler in polymers.