World Lecture Competition past winners

Details of past winners of the Young Persons' World Lecture Competition are available by year as follows:

2019 London, UK

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Tamlyn Naidu - South Africa WINNER
Acid Mine Drainage remediation system using waste products from the steel manufacturing and sugar industries

Jia Yong Lam - Malaysia 2ND PLACE
DNA biosensor based on optical fibre for the detection of pathogen: A novel approach

Morgan Lehtinen - Canada 3RD PLACE
H2Only: Smart filters for efficient oil/water separation

Megan McGregor - UK
The world's hottest superglue: Materials requirements for better sealing in jet engines

Tiago dos Santos Junior - Brazil
Macroporous ceramics for saving energy in high temperature processes

Michael Max Brown, Australia
Programmable hydrogels: Coding materials for medicine

Chuah Chong Yang - Singapore
Potential of mixed-matrix membranes for O2/N2 separation process

Franklin To - Hong Kong
A comparison of empirical and numerical approaches for estimating rock support pressure on tunnel lining

Suleiman Khusnutdinov - Russia
The gold we lost: Man-made waste and highly-stability water-oil emulsions as the raw material of the future

2018 Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Kyle Saltmarsh, Australia Acoustic based condition monitoring in the resource industry Winner

Lin Guo, Hong Kong Combatting cancers with a new superweapon 2nd place

Andrew Ng Kay Lup, Malaysia Bio-crude oil from lignocellulosic biomass: A zero-to-hero energy scenario 3rd place

Sam Lawton, UK Polymer power: From light to current

Alexandra Kuznetsova, Russia Extracting oil from impossible-to-extract rock

Matheus Santos, Brazil Insights on the optimisation of the steel ladle process from a refractory perspective

Fariraishe Nyoni, South Africa Burn cut optimisation to increase blast advance at Unki mine

Naveen Tiwari, Singapore Self-healable and flexible materials for next generation electronic devices: Smart materials

2017 Perth, Australia

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Vidya Chamunderwari Narasimhan, Singapore Biodegradable scaffold systems for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration with sustained release of multiple bio-molecules Winner

Ilija Rašović, UK  Making the world's most expensive material 2nd Place

Zheng Yu Ng, Malaysia Graphene-based magnetic hybrids for dye removal 3rd Place

Prabhu Elango, Australia The impact of drilling fluid composition on the integrity of cuttings

João Guilherme Prado, Brazil High Strength Steel (HSLA) in a high-performance vehicle suspension bellcrank: Beyond the usual engineering perspective

Arthur Ng, Hong Kong Sequential Excavation of large span trinocular section of mined tunnel underneath cross harbour tunnel in Hong Kong

Ekaterina Grishchenkova, Russia Earth surface monitoring: New look at modern equipment

Matthew Mayne, South Africa How do rocks melt? A question requiring both chemistry and thermodynamics

The 2016 YPWLC final was sponsored by CBMM, with support from IOM3 Western Australia and Rolls-Royce

2016 Araxa, Brazil

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Li (Alan) Zhong, Singapore Artificial Corneal Implants: A Brighter Future with Advanced Bioceramics - Winner

Jean Potgieter, South Africa Effects of Compaction on Lateral Earth Pressure - 2nd place

Isabella Vasconcelos Joviano dos Santos, Brazil Block Copolymers Self-assembly: Structurally Controlled Materials Directing Future Energy Applications - 3rd place

Colleen Mann, UK In the Bin for 100,000 Years: An Intergenerational Burden

Harry Sze, Hong Kong Micro-mechanic Behaviour of Sand Particles

Hoy (Vincent) Chun Wai, Malaysia Nanocellulose: Nature's Answer to Energy Poverty

Daniel Sully, Australia Mt Percy Gold Deposit: The Role and Significance of Porphyry Intrusions in The Gold Mineralisation Process

Hannah Little, Ireland Bone Scaffolds for the Regeneration of Critical Sized Defects: A 3D-Printing Approach Using Tailored Materials

Trevor Clark, United States Iron-Silicon Bulk Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Material

The 2016 YPWLC final was sponsored by CBMM, with support from Rolls-Royce

2015 Drogheda, Ireland

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Kevin Doherty, Ireland New thermal control material systems for interplanetary and geosynchronous spaceflight - Winner

Kaushik Parida, Singapore Piezoelectric energy harvest: Converting ambient mechanical energy to useful electrical energy - 2nd place

Mariana Viegas Greco de Oliveira, Brazil Biomimetics: What can nature teach an engineer? - 3rd place

Maria Cann, UK Enhancement of silver nanowire transparent conductors for use in touch sensors

Hana Atiqah Abdul Karim, Malaysia Towards a cure for HIV: In silico protein engineering of a novel biomaterial

Daniel John Avutia, South Africa Analytical study of sinkhole propagation in South Africa

Maeve Budi, US Lead-free multiferroic nanocomposites: A platform to expand multiferroic applications

Zhou Yu, Hong Kong Making human body tissues: Making the miracle

Yuteng Zhang, Australia Diesel Particulate Matter

The 2015 YPWLC final was sponsored by CBMM, with support from Rolls-Royce

2014 Riverside, California, US

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Raphael Smith, South Africa WINNER
The design, construction and testing of a hermetically sealed breast platform for dual-modality mammography

David Bishop, University of Ulster, Ireland 2nd Place
Addressing an unmet need in von Willebrand disease: A biosurface solution

Losini Amarasan, Multimedia University, Malaysia 3rd Place
Silica fibre: The next material for thermoluminescence dosimeter (TLD)

Anna Song, Michigan State University, US
Preparation of poly(lactic acid)/polystyrene bioblend hollow microparticles embedded with nanoparticles via a one-step emulsion-diffusion method

Duncan Johnstone, University of Oxford, UK
Layered inorganic nanomaterials going beyond graphene

Daniel Francioli, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Characterising surface fragmentation for comminution modelling

Calvin Davis III, University of Florida, US (East Coast)
Microwave processing for improved ionic conductivity in LiO2-Al2O3-TiO2-P2O5 glass ceramics

Zeng Xiao Mei, Singapore
Superelasticity in small volume zirconia ceramics

Qiu Guangyu, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Evanescently excited localized surface plasmon resonance biosensor based on self-assembly gold nanoislands

Corey Hardin, University California Riverside, US (West Coast)
CAPAD  processing of rare earth doped zirconia for high temperature light emission applications

The 2014 YPWLC final was sponsored by CBMM, with support from Rolls-Royce

2013 Hong Kong

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Cornelis van Niekerk, University of Pretoria, South Africa: 'Novel techniques for in-situ laser alloying of AISI 410L stainless steel with nitrogen during laser cladding'  WINNER

Hendrik Hans, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: 'Features on vibrissae of harbor seals and their significance' 2nd Place

Adam Brown, University of Leicester, UK: 'Exploring the use of synchrotron X-ray scattering methods to advanced composites' 3rd Place

Kevin Roche, University College Dublin, Ireland: 'Biomimetically reinforced glass ionomer dental cement'

Lucas Bronzatto Adorno, Fundação Educacional Inaciana, Brazil: 'Relevance of quantifying mechanical properties considering low temperatures for safe and efficient application of structural steels'

Steven Herrera, University California Riverside, US (West Coast): 'Stomatopods - Gladiator shrimp and advanced composites'

Farahani Irna Nazari, University Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka, Malaysia: 'CaLS for green urea fertiliser and greener earth'

Dave Ingram, Ove Arup & Partners, Hong Kong: 'Experiences in the underground mining industry, Western Australia'

Justin Starr, University of Florida, US (East Coast): 'Ceramic nanofibres - A new platform for multiferroic materials'

The 2013 YPWLC final was sponsored by CBMM, with support from Rolls-Royce

2012 London, UK

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Brian Weden, University California Riverside, US (West Coast): 'High performance impact-tolerant and abrasion-resistant materials: Lessons from nature' WINNER

Jesse Manders, University of Florida, US (East Coast): 'A bright future with scalable and flexible materials for harvesting solar energy' 2ND PLACE

Cormac Flynn, University of Ulster, Ireland: 'Animo functionalisation of biopolymers using atmospheric pressure plasma modification'

Abbas Delavar, UK: 'Liquid loading and gas well deliquification'

Jaspreet Singh Kochhar, National University of Singapore, Singapore: 'A novel method of fabricating polymeric microneedles for transdermal delivery of chemical and biological drugs'

Nor Fasihah Bt Zaaba, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia: 'E-PLAST: A new and novel edible plastic for food packaging applications'

Ross Burham, University of Cape Town, South Africa: 'Flying into the future'

Marianna de Albuquerque Lima Braulio, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil: 'Macromarket for nanomaterials: Increasing sustainability by designing the microstructure'

Peter Ayres, Leighton Contractors (Asia) Ltd, Hong Kong: 'Having a blast in Hong Kong: Drill-and-blast excavation on XLR 822'

The 2012 World Lecture Competition Final was sponsored by CBMM, with support from Rolls-Royce

2011 Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Lindsay McManus, University of Ulster, Ireland finalist: 'Characterisation of the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells using Raman spectroscopy'

Jenni Tilley, University of Oxford, UK finalist: 'Faster, higher, stronger: hero materials of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games' 3rd place

Mitali Kakran, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore finalist: 'Graphene - the new wonder material!' Winner

Elisa Guzman Teipel, Whole Tree Inc and Baylor University, SPE finalist: 'Polymeric composites reinforced with natural fillers from agricultural waste: WTI CSP technology'

Tom Bush, Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong finalist: 'Enhanced use of underground space in Hong Kong'

Dyllon Randall, University of Cape Town, South Africa finalist: 'Pass the salt - recovery of water and salts from mining brines using eutectic freeze crystallization' 2nd place

Muhammad Ghaddafy Bin Affendy, University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia finalist: 'Polymer zinc-air batteries - energizing a sustainable world'

Gustavo Henrique Bolognesi Donato, FEI University Centre, Brazil finalist: 'Relevance of constraint-designed specimens for the accurate assessment of materials' fatigue and fracture resistance'

Charles Fisher, University of Florida, Florida finalist: 'Design of smart metal-matrix composites for sustainability and advanced performance'

2010 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Pedro Costa, University of Minho, Portugal finalist: 'Rapid Prototyping Tools and Strategies for Tissue Engineering Applications'

Lee Jo May, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia finalist: '3 (+1R) Concept in Solving Plastic Waste Disposal Problem'

Mura McCarthy, University of Ulster, Ireland finalist: 'Response of human mesenchymal stem cells to modified biomaterial surfaces'

Katie Moore, University of Oxford, UK finalist: 'NanoSIMS Analysis of Arsenic and Selenium in Cereal Grains' - 3rd place

Jason Myers, University of Florida, USA finalist: 'Enhanced Organic Photovoltaic Cell Performance using Transparent Microlens Arrays' - Winner

Ferhan Oktobriadi Putra Abdul Rahim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore finalist: 'Tunable Surfacial Assembly of Gold Nanorods on Glass for Biosensor Applications' - 2nd place

Tong Ho Wang, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong finalist: 'Electrospinning: An Old Technology for Modern Medicine'

The 2010 competition is sponsored by CBMM and the Malaysian Rubber Board, with support from Rolls-Royce.

2009 Port Elizabeth, South Africa

News item

Mitali Kakran, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore finalist: 'Nanosized and nanocoated drug particles for enhanced bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs' Joint 2nd place

Katrina Khairudin, Malaysia finalist: ‘Biodegradable polymers’.

Jeanette Leeuwner, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa finalist: ‘Computational fluid dynamic modelling of two phase flow in a mining hydrocyclone' Joint 2nd place

Kevin O’Flynn, University College Dublin, Ireland finalist: 'Cementless hip replacement – a materials science perspective'.

Rochelle O’Hara, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK finalist: 'Development of an injectable medical material for spinal repair’ Winner

Vitor Espírito Santo, PhD student at the University of Minho, Portugal finalist: 'Different approaches based on natural polymers for bone and cartilage tissue regeneration'.

Shruti Seshandri, a PhD student at the University of Florida, USA finalist: 'Learning from nature: building materials from self-assembly', unfortunately had to withdraw due to visa problems.

The 2009 competition was sponsored by CBMM, with support from Rolls-Royce and Protea Chemicals. Download sponsor information (PDF 116KB)

2008 Gainesville, Florida, US

News item

Sinan Al Bermani, University of Sheffield, UK finalist: ‘Digital manufacture for medicine’ Winner

Anabela Alves, University of Minho, Portugal finalist: ‘The extraction and modification of polymers obtained from renewable marine residues’ 2nd place

Shang Lei, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore finalist: ‘Drug release rate control principles of hydrogel-based drug delivery systems’.

Daniel Lo, Canada finalist: 'Production of porous anodic alumina from impure aluminum'.

John Lyons, Centre for Nanotechnology and Materials Research, Ireland finalist: ‘The incorporation of an organically modified layered silicate in monolithic polymeric matrices using hot melt extrusion’ – 3rd place

Cagal Meral, PhD student at the University of California, USA (West) finalist: 'Supercritical carbon dioxide treatment of portland cement'.

Yamuna Munusamy, Malaysia finalist: 'Nanoclay filled polymer composites for halogen free cable applications'.

Karran (Chris) Woan, Doctoral research student, USA (East) finalist: ‘The materials science of metal oxide nanoparticle antioxidants’.

The 2008 competition was sponsored by Rolls-Royce, CBMM, and Anglo American. Download sponsor information (PDF 1.3MB)

2007 Singapore

News item

Mohammad Khairul Zarifi bin Haji Masri, representing Brunei, ‘High strain rate deformation of nickel-titanium shape memory alloy’.

Argus Chan Ka Cheung, representing Hong Kong, ‘Flash memory in future – From non-volatile memory to single electron device’.

John Forsdike, representing the UK, ‘Blisks’ and their role in aero-gas turbines’.

Richard Cross, representing the USA, ‘Probabilistic failure prediction of fatigue critical components and structures’.

Mary Donnabelle I Balela, representing Malaysia, ‘Cobalt nanoparticles: synthesis, properties, and applications’. - Winner

Martin McMullan, contestant for Ireland, ‘Electrochemical implantable sensor: design, fabrication and detection of lactate’. - 3rd place

Representing Singapore, Ricky Chua Kee Sze, ‘Polymer electronic materials’. - 2nd place

Download brochure with results, abstracts of the winning entries and further information (PDF 2.3mb)

2006 London, UK

News item

Eoin Cunningham, Ireland, 'Macrostructural replication of marine algae to mimic cancellous bone'. - 3rd place

Selin Teo Hwee Gee, Singapore, 'Photonic bandgap crystals'.

Damian Williams, South Africa, 'Novel 2-mercaptobenzothiazole-capped nano ZnO and ZnS materials as activators for the vulcanization of polydiene rubbers'.

Andrew Tarpey, UK, 'Structural adhesive use in lightweight vehicle architecture'. - Winner

Sarah Rebecca Galatioto, Florida, USA, 'Improving surgical masks to kill and prevent the inhalation of bacteria and viruses'. - 2nd place

Rolls-Royce plc sponsored the competition.

2005 London, UK

News item

Johnny Kar-Ho Au, Ove Arup & Partners, Hong Kong, 'Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Structures'. - 2nd place

Eleanor Merson, University of Leeds, UK, 'Chevron Cracks in Steel Welds'.

Emily Schmidt, Florida, USA, 'Design Concept Development for Contact Lens Characterization'.

Libby Sharman-Harris, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, 'The Use of Sulphur-Isotope Analysis towards the Understanding of the Formation of Sulphide Minerals in the Platreef, Northern Limb, Bushveld Complex, South Africa'. - Winner

Eric Kan, Singapore, 'Nanocrystalline Germanium for Memory Applications: Small Dots with Big Potentials'. - 3rd place

The event was supported by Rolls-Royce plc.