Visual Presentations

IOM3 TV Presentations

Keith Purcell (FIMMM) presents "The Benefits of Joining the WTS."  

John Park (FIMMM) talks about Wood and Moisture.  Wood and Moisture

Jim Coulson (FIMMM CEnv) talks about Wood Preservation.  Wood Preservation

Martin Ansell (FIMMM) presents a piece on Wood Composites.  Wood Composites

The above are also available on the following link:


"Jim and Spencer Explain"

A series of 3 short clips where Jim and his grandson Spencer explain the strength of timber, the difference between softwoods and hardwoods, and water in wood. These are on our YouTube channel.


"The Saw Doctor."

Gervais Sawyer and his alter ego 'The Saw Doctor' have created a number of clips to explore the world of wood. 

  • Water Absorbtion
  • Fire Test
  • The Stack
  • The Wallis Grid
  • Water Flow in Wood
  • Tensile Test
  • Species Identification

You can find these on The Saw Doctor YouTube Channel.

Introducing a new video by The Saw Doctor in which he uses wood science forensics to solve a case of mistaken (wood) identity.


"The Plywood Story."

A historic clip from the 1950's (posted on our WTS YouTube channel) about the British Columbia plywood industry.  Click here.   


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