Wood Technology Society Newsletter/Web update 2019

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The continuing development of the WTS Microsite

Foreword By WTS Chair, Graham Ormondroyd

One of the ongoing actions for our board is the continuing development of the Wood Technology Microsite, part of the larger IOM3 website. We are continuing to develop the site with additional information both for the general public, but also specifically for you the members (don’t forget to log in to see this unique content). The WTS microsite is never out of the top 5 visited sites within the IOM3 domain and this is due to the continued development.

This development would not be possible without the dedication of our web team and primarily Andrew True, so my thanks go to him and for his dedication to the site and his tireless badgering for content. Also a thank you will go to all the contributors to the content - it is a massive undertaking.

If you have news and views that you would like to be published on our site, or events you would like us to promote, then please get in touch and we can add your news to our site.

Dr Graham Ormondroyd
Chair – Wood Technology Society


Website Navigation and Update

Welcome to an update of WTS news and events, and at the same time to familiarise you with our website and resultant activity.

2019 opens with Graham Ormondroyd as our Chairman, replacing John Park on completion of his term of office.  More details about this and other News during 2018 can be viewed from our WTS home page – see below...

This is a continually updated page, therefore the side banner “WTS News” highlights WTS specific items for a longer time.  Also, on this page is a new banner, with a link to the company supporters of the WTS.

Another page that is under continual update, extension and revision is “All About Wood”.

Above is the list of sub topics under “Wood as a Material”.

Following are the topics under “Wood Products”.

Finally, the “Using Wood” section.

A section recently added is “Essential Reading,” and a proposed new section “Wood Under the Microscope” will show micrographs of wood, which will please the wood scientists.

The next page is about the WTS Board, with a listing of current Board members, plus past IWSc Presidents/WTS Chairs.

Under the tool bar heading “Publications“ there is access for members to the International Wood Products Journal, the official journal of the WTS.

Additionally, there is now a completed archive set of Woodfocus, from the hardcopy of 1999 through to the e-zines.

We are slowly building up the archive of former IWSc newsletters, though there are still a few gaps, especially between September 1989 and March 1992.

The following charts give a flavour of topics now listed.

Of on-going interest is “Talking Timber,” which is a monthly article written by WTS members in the Timber Trades Journal (and published on our website courtesy of TTJ).

Links have been updated, and now reflect the importance the company supporters to the WTS (via the IOM3 Industry Affiliate Scheme).

The following shows part of the new page…

Finally comes the News Archive.  Here is a complete listing of relevant WTS news items posted on our site, on a year by year basis.  Again, part of the page is shown below, and each item can be accessed via a link.

The WTS website aims to be educational, informative and topical.  It is under continual revision, and we welcome any suggestions.

Last but not least, your continued support of the WTS is very important to help further the knowledge of wood, and “all things wood.”

If there is anything you would like adding to the website, we would be very happy to receive ideas (wts@iom3.org).

January 2019 Newsletter/Web Update

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