Wood Technology Society newsletter

Wood Technology Society Newsletter - April 2018

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Website Navigation and Update

Much has been going on with the Wood Technology Society (WTS) website, and the Board wishes you to be updated, *and* as a consequence is also asking for contributions/ideas.

The following shows the relative websites, and how to navigate these, and also provides detail about the WTS pages.

The IOM3 websites are open to the general public, but there are certain areas of the WTS site that are “Member Only.”  It is therefore best to log on to the site at the IOM3 Home Page (www.iom3.org) – Member Login.  You can get directly to the WTS site by clicking on the links, as below….

First, click on “Our Communities”, then down to “Special Interest Groups, hold the cursor across to “Materials Divisions”, and then down to “Wood Technology Society.”

This will take you to the WTS Home Page…..

(Alternatively, visitors can just go direct to www.iom3.org/wood-technology-society.  If members wish to make full use of the website benefits such as free journals, magazine features, online CPD and any WTS “Member Only” content, they should log in first at www.iom3.org/user/login)

This is a topical, current, and rolling page, regularly updated.  Therefore, we have added WTS Highlights – just click on the red words and you’ll get the detail.

Items on this “Home” page do not disappear, but they are relegated to other pages on the website, mainly “News” and “Features.”

Also, by clicking on “More News” or “More Features” you’ll have items, going back to 2010.  From the ”News” page there is a WTS News Archive, taking you back to the IWSc Conference Report of 2003.

“Features” includes previous longer articles from Materials World and Wood Focus.  “Member Only” access provides much more, than for visitors.

“Events” are those that are coming up – you can also see a list of archived WTS events at www.iom3.org/wood-technology-society/past-events.

The striking visual is of the ceiling of the John Hope Gateway building in Edinburgh.  If you have a visual you would like us to show in this banner, then we would be pleased to consider it for inclusion (mailto:wts@iom3.org).

A key aim of the WTS site is to be educational, and this is especially the theme for “All About Wood,” see below…

These sub-headers lead to specific topics.  For example, move the cursor to “Wood As A Material” and you get the next drop down list, as below….

A very useful page, currently under development, is the listing of common terms, abbreviations and acronyms used within the industry.  Here, your suggestions would be most welcome.

The “All About Wood” section is continually being reviewed and enlarged

New topics under consideration are:

  • Paper
  • Pulp
  • Hemicellulose/Sugars
  • Distillates
  • Fire
  • How tall can wooden buildings go?

We will be adding to the main listing above “Audio Presentations” (See the “Home Page/WTS Highlights” – Wood-Anna Ploszajski-in conversation-with Dan Ridley-Ellis).

Continuing the educational and information theme, take a look at “Publications.”

Here, there is a link to the current International Wood Products Journal (apart from a taster these are accessible to “Members Only”).

We are also contributing monthly items for the TTJ “Talking Timber” page.  Move the cursor down this page, beneath International Wood Products Journal, and *click” on the issue to open.A

Also, take a look at “Archive,” where we have the first 17 issues of Woodfocus dating from 1999, and a selection of earlier IWSc Newsletters.  Plus, a rare historical “essay,” Timber Town.

Additional to the foregoing, and recently added to the site are:
  • John Park’s New Year message
  • The 2018 Timber Conference
  • Wood in Construction - A report on the Teesside Event
  • The WTS evening seminar on developments in British timber
  • The Saw Doctor using forensic wood science to solve a case of mistaken identity
  • Pyrography in wood
  • Into The Woods
  • Two WTS Board members advising the Committee for Climate Change
  • Wood Conferences diary for 2018
  • Dan Ridley-Ellis talking about all things wood and trees.

Future:  The site is being continually worked upon and updated.

New projects include for the Members Only section an updated version of the Commercial Timber Trade Practice (chapters are currently being proofed), and a wood specific Photo Gallery.

If there is anything you would like adding to the website we would be very happy to receive ideas (wts@iom3.org).

Documents for download: 
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