Optimising the Scottish Timber Supply Chain

The Wood Technology Society
15 Jul 2020

Forestry and Land Scotland have announced a contract to understand "how can we use technology to understand what timber products can be harvested from Scotland’s forests, and from where, so we can optimise the way we meet market demands and make our forests go further?"

"Timber is hugely important across a wide range of supply chains including everything from construction and packaging to the manufacture of vital PPE equipment. Different timber products are needed to meet different demands, and identifying the best sites from which to harvest these from across the thousands of hectares Forestry and Land Scotland manages is a huge challenge."

"The aim of this Challenge is to find new innovative approaches to help Forestry and Land Scotland gather more data about the national forest estate, enabling it to optimise operational efficiency and so respond better to demands from the market for specific types of timber. There is a wide variety of new technologies that could modernise the current approach, either by themselves or in combination, and a solution that can addresses this Challenge will have truly global market potential, and could therefore play a significant role in supporting an industry sector that is critical to Scotland’s economy."

To get involved and for more information, please follow this link