WTS at The Bentley Wood Fair

The Wood Technology Society
8 Oct 2019
Gervais with his materials and equipment in the WTS tent.
The Bentley Wood Fair has been running in Sussex for more than 20 years.
It began as an initiative to develop new markets for Sussex wood and wood products, Sussex being the most wooded County in England.
It is a great family day out where the public can see harvesting, sawmilling and forest skills, as well as many skilled crafts being practised.
WTS Board Member, Gervais Sawyer has exhibited there, on and off, for many years.
For the event this September he prepared his pop-up wood science tent (pictured above), where the public could view the structure of wood under the lens and the high power microscope.
Visitors were invited to cut thin sections on a microtome and make microscope slides.  The youngest visitors could enjoy blowing soap bubbles through a piece of solid oak (American red oak of course!).
The site also had a ride-on miniature steam railway, now extended into quite a long ride. Gervais would go to the Fair just for his train ride!