WTS Board member Jim Coulson contributes to the 2019 / 2020 Parliamentary Review

The Wood Technology Society
2 Oct 2019

WTS Board member, Jim Coulson, has recently contributed an article for “The Parliamentary Review – 2019 / 2020.”  The Parliamentary Review is a series of independent publications. It reviews the latest events in parliament from a non-partisan perspective, but it is wholly independent of government. 

His piece highlights the importance of best practice in the UK timber industry in order to move forward in the best possible and most constructive way.

Jim explained the reliance of the UK on imports of wood and wood based products, and the resultant concerns about future supplies and maintainance of the high standards established in the UK and necessary to meet the UK building standards and regulations.

He also lamented the decline of training, especially in the wood sector, in the UK since the 1980’s.  This needs a drastic change in order to approach the future.

To read the full article "Woodexperts," and others relating to the UK’s Construction and Engineering sector please follow this link:  https://www.theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/editions/2019/construction-and-engineering/construction-engineering-specialist-construction.  Then click to open the pages.

To read the Woodexperts article only please follow this link:  https://www.theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/organisations/woodexperts