Wood Science Training Successes

The Wood Technology Society
1 May 2019

WTS company supporter James Latham has recently been successful in the training of seven employees to the Level 2 qualification in Timber and Panel Products, with six Distinctions and one Merit.

The training provider (TFT Woodexperts Ltd) is headed by WTS Board member Jim Coulson, who explained that a further six members of the UK timber trade had recently achieved Level 4 Certificate studies – the culmination of 15 months of study and two intensive Examination papers.

“These results mean that over 50 employees from various timber trade companies have now passed formal training in wood science and timber technology.  And the good news is that a further 25 people are commencing the Certificate course this year.”

WoodExperts specialize in face to face training.

The WTS through IOM3 Training have on-line training available, which is also attracting a considerable number of students.

Students attaining Level 3 qualifications, are eligible to apply for IOM3 membership as a TIMMM, the first step on the professional ladder.