SIRT Timber Research Update Seminar

The Wood Technology Society
27 Nov 2017

Pictured above, at the event, is Dan Ridley-Ellis.


A very interesting update was held on 17th November 2017, with presentations by the following:

Mike Jarvis (Glasgow Uni) - Managing twist and other forms of distortion

Mike Yerbury (Egger, Glasgow Uni) - Understanding moisture content variation within trees and roundwood
Paul McLean (Forest Research) - Modelling moisture in wood PhD

Sam Henderson (Surrey Uni, Forest Research) - Moisture Cracking of Trees

Dan Ridley-Ellis (Napier Uni) - Timber grading update (partnership with NUI Galway, Douglas-fir, developments in grading standards) and demonstration of the Brookhuis MTG

Andrew Gibson (WTS) - Modern Apprenticeship Framework in Wood and Timber Industries Level 2

Helge Hansen – Overview of CSIC and tour of the centre

Steven Adams (Napier Uni) Alternative species / Sawmill survey

Paul McLean (Forest Research) Update on FR fast growing species / Benchmark density / Alternative Species PhD

Dan Ridley-Ellis (Napier Uni) Details on grading standards, implications and opportunities

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