Gervais Sawyer FIMMM Talks to the West Surrey Materials Society

The Wood Technology Society
28 Apr 2017

WTS Board Member Gervais Sawyer FIMMM attended the recent Local Group meeting of the West Surrey Materials Society to give a presentation entitled "When wood fails, is it the design, the execution or the material?"

Drawing on Gervais's own casebook stretching over many years, Gervais sought to describe common reasons for things going wrong with wood.

He balanced the presentation with examples of how great it is when you get things right. 

The audience comprised of specialists from many IOM3 disciplines - metallurgists, plastics, and even a wood scientist!

A most enjoyable evening.


Gervais has recently filmed a series of wood science presentations entitled "The Saw Doctor,"  which can be viewed from the WTS website. Here he is in full flow!