New specification manual for fire retardants

The Wood Technology Society
17 Jun 2011

The Wood Protection
Association (WPA) has published a new manual about the fire protection of wood. WPA Director, Steve
Young, says, 'This new manual deals exclusively with quality assured products applied
by a controlled industrial process. All of the processes and wood species
described are commercially available and capable of meeting the performance
criteria of existing British Standards as well as the new Euro class standards.'

The manual includes
full specification guidance about the flame retardants available for treating
solid timber or panel products used in dry interiors, humidity resistant and
external end uses where leach resistance is a key requirement. Designers
also have access to lists of treatments and pre-treated panel products that
meet WPA criteria.

The manual uses a
new system to assess fire performance classification that will feature in an
impending European Standard on fire protection that is currently operating in
draft form. To assist designers, a simple, six step Flame Retardant Specification Checklist is featured in the manual.

Further information

The Flame Retardant Specification manualis
published as a pdf on CD. It costs £45 including postage.

Contact: Steve Young, tel: 01977 558274 or 01977 555298