Test your wood science and technology knowledge by solving this crossword, specially set by Anobium

Crossword Number 1, March 2020.



1 A "strand" of cellulose which is an important part of all wood-cell walls (11)

7 Many woodworking machines use this type of automated control (initials) (3)

9 A line across the growth rings in a log or board, at right-angles to the rays (7)

10 Sugar-cane residues as used to make a type of particleboard (7)

11 What dead 20Ac may become, in a board? (5)

12 The bast or phloem (5,4)

14 A biblical tree - reckoned to be a type of cedar (5)

16 A species of Tilia from North America (8)

18 Cutting: eg tree branches or sawn timber (8)

20 "Defects" in sawn or planed timber (5)

23 Timber so treated, using a heavy coal-tar wood preservative (9)

25 Phytolacca dioica is a massive evergreen tree native to this special area in South America (5)

26 The term for a tree (or tree species) found on the very edge of its natural distribution (7)

28 Cuts slits into timber to improve its uptake of preservative (7)

29 A form of timber drying (3)

30 Scientific name for the "Rocky Mountain Maple" (4,7)



1 Figure in wood (especially veneers) caused by wavy or uneven grain (6)

2 The species name for Omu/Kosipo (9)

3 Nauclea spp, also called Bilinga (5)

4 The genus of Merbau (6)

5 The "False Acacia" tree (7)

6 A slice of tree trunk (3)

7 The "Elephant Ear Tree" is the national tree of ----- Rica (5)

8 Having a cracked surface of the wood, due to over-drying (7)

13 Natural exudation from coniferous woods: especially in warmer weather (5)

15 The Elm genus (5)

16 Anobium, for example? (3)

17 Computer controlled device that obtains a high yield of usable pieces when sawing wood (9)

18 The Teak genus (7)

19 Walnut or Hickory, for example (3-4)

21 A form of 18Ac, used for solid timber or wood-based panels (6)

22 A type of Abies from North America (6)

24 An organic chemical used with plastic 13Dn wood adhesives (5)

25 The Spruce genus (5)

27 Mauritia flexuosa: a type of palm tree (3)


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