• The structured model of a mineral with the dispersed pollutant molecule. Image courtesy of Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research.

    Formaldehyde busting minerals

    Wood Focus magazine
    Formaldehyde emissions from particleboard can be reduced using modified minerals called zeolites, say researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research in Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Man standing by large rock in forest

    Forests can foil rockfalls

    Wood Focus magazine
    Researchers at Cemagref, France, have been exploring ways to ‘design’ forests to act as natural barriers to falling rocks.
  • A model approach to water catchment

    Wood Focus magazine
    Modelling tools that improve understanding of how forest plantations affect streamflow in local catchments have been developed by Australia's CSIRO.
  • Wooden packaging containers

    Misunderstood wood in food packaging

    Wood Focus magazine
    A novel microbiological testing method could promote wood’s use as a food packaging material, according to a group of French researchers.
  • Radiation as a cure for adhesives?

    Wood Focus magazine
    Radiation could be used to cure adhesives in the manufacture of wood composite panels in a way that could reduce energy consumption and offer an alternative to formaldehyde-emitting adhesives.
  • Streamlining conductive film deposition

    Wood Focus magazine
    A simple electroless process for preparing nickel-phosphorus (Ni- P) film on wood veneers for electrical conductivity is being explored by Chinese researchers.
  • storm

    Forests are not weathering the storm

    Wood Focus magazine
    European forests are more susceptible to storm damage than ever before, according to research led by the British Forestry Commission. The Commission is exploring risk models that predict the probability, as well as the implications of thinning the forest and managing it in different ways.
  • Making a non-corrosive connection system

    Wood Focus magazine
    A non-metallic, non-glue, connection system for timber structures could find use in corrosive environments such as swimming pools and grit salt storage facilities, as well as the renovation or restoration of historic frames. It uses glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) dowels and densified veneer wood (DVW) flitch plates.
  • Planks of wood

    Down to the woods - quality control

    Wood Focus magazine
    COST, the intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, has been running a series of R&D programmes in wood. Martin Parley reports on the final Cost Action E53 conference on quality control, held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, UK.
  • Timber building under construction

    Building in carbon

    Wood Focus magazine
    A technique for carbon profiling, as a solution for quantifying embodied and operational carbon in buildings, has been put forward in a report commissioned by the UK’s Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.