• (chair in a forest)

    Forest waste turns sewage into tiles

    Wood Focus magazine
    Forest waste is being used by researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, based in Barcelona, Spain, to manufacture structural ceramics using sewage sludge.
  • bamboo roof

    Bamboo back in the frame

    Wood Focus magazine
    Marginally-engineered building techniques used in rural residential shelters are being investigated to initiate a mainstream engineering code for bamboo.
  • Hylobius abeitis (the large pine weevil)

    The weevil dead - tackling the forestry scourge

    Wood Focus magazine
    The large pine weevil is the most significant insect pest in British forestry, destroying as much as 50% of new tree plantings. Now scientists claim to have found a solution using a cocktail of microscopic nematode worms and fungi.
  • spruce branch

    Spruce almighty - major Sitka spruce research report published

    Wood Focus magazine
    A research report that summarises everything known about Sitka spruce and brings together 90 years of research into a single document has been published by the UK’s Forestry Commission.
  • spruce tree

    Mossing over the issue

    Wood Focus magazine
    A study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada has found that 800-year-old Sitka spruces in coastal boreal forests are excellent at gathering moss, making them effective at mitigating nutrient depletion and carbon sequestration.
  • termite

    Termite guts to boost biofuels

    Wood Focus magazine
    Termites may provide the key to breaking down woody biomass for more efficient biofuel production.
  • stylised graphic of man holding umbrella in rain

    Nanoglaze for rainy days

    Wood Focus magazine
    Nanoscale additives have been applied to improve the weather-protection and anti-fungal action of 2-in-1 water-based glazing systems used in outdoor wood applications.
  • tree

    Scottish roots - Wood Product Innovation Gateway

    Wood Focus magazine
    A Wood Product Innovation Gateway to spur the UK’s home-grown timber market is gaining footing at Napier University in Edinburgh, UK.
  • The structured model of a mineral with the dispersed pollutant molecule. Image courtesy of Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research.

    Formaldehyde busting minerals

    Wood Focus magazine
    Formaldehyde emissions from particleboard can be reduced using modified minerals called zeolites, say researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research in Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Man standing by large rock in forest

    Forests can foil rockfalls

    Wood Focus magazine
    Researchers at Cemagref, France, have been exploring ways to ‘design’ forests to act as natural barriers to falling rocks.