PIABC launch of wood qualifications

Wood Focus magazine
22 Sep 2012

The PIABC launch of its
new suite of wood qualifications has marked a milestone in the development
of training and education for which the wood industry has been waiting
for more than a decade.

PIABC is the Institute of Materials,
Minerals and Mining’s own Government-approved awarding organisation. It
has worked closely with the Wood Technology Society on this development,
which began with changes to the Foundation Course on Timber, which the
Society has operated for many years.

The new qualifications have
been developed under the auspices of Proskills, the Sector Skills
Council for the Wood Industry, and PIABC is its preferred awarding
organisation for the sector. The Proskills Wood Industry Board has
guided the whole project – it is the voice of employers in determining
the training that most suits their requirements and is chaired by Peter
Kelly who is a fellow of the Institute.

The priority for PIABC
is to increase the number of centres offering courses leading to
recognised qualifications and the candidates registering for these
courses. This is a chance for the whole industry to take a leap forward
and seize these new training opportunities to improve the quality of
work and career progression for the workforce.

PIABC is focusing
on helping to develop apprenticeship frameworks in wood for all parts of
the UK. For the first time in years, the wood industry has a suite of
qualifications to meet a range of training needs, with more
qualifications to follow. So, whether you process, manufacture or supply
wood and timber products, or work in any of these sectors, there will
be a qualification to meet your needs.

Further information

Course enquiries: paul.preston@iom3.org

The Wood Technology Society


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