Profiles of women in materials, science & engineering

Jacqueline Glass shares her opinions on sustainability, responsible sourcing and building for a green future

We meet a project manager at Morgan Advanced Materials to talk about outreach, career advice and engaging with institutes 

Eileen Harkin-Jones speaks to Simon Frost about composites, industry links and inspiring the next generation.

Simon Frost speaks to an Instron employee about her career and unexpected path into the industry.

Dr Sujata Kundu - Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London and self-confessed material girl loves talking science

Meet two of the Institute’s female members and find out more about their careers. Part of this issue's special section on Women in Engineering

Almost half co-ed maintained schools in the UK do not send even one girl to study A-Level physics. And yet women have successful careers in the sector. What can be done to redress the balance? Louise Kittle spoke to women working in materials science and engineering about the issues facing the industry. 

"Once I got to university it turned out I was rubbish at maths and the only part of the engineering course I actually enjoyed was the Materials Properties module. At the end of my first year, my university tutors allowed me to switch to the materials science & metallurgy degree course and I haven’t looked back since"

"Hearing my boys say, ‘My mum helped to build this tunnel’ or ‘My mum helped to design this’ is very rewarding"

"There are many career options, for example engineering management (product, process, operations), project management, self-employment (as an engineering consultant or contractor) or something completely different"