Profiles of women in materials, science & engineering

Kathryn Allen talks to Dr Lilian Hodgson FIMMM about choosing a career path and maintaining a work–life balance. 

Kathryn Allen talks to Dr Nan Li, Lecturer at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, UK, about her career to date and the importance of mentoring. 

Jessica Middlemiss, Chair of the IOM3 Women in Materials group, talks about the people who made a difference in her career journey

Abigael Bamgboye talks about what ignited her passion for materials science

Kathryn Allen speaks to Abbie Hutty about her career and transition from university to industry. 

Gary Peters talks to Dr Maria Asplund, from the Department of Microsystems Engineering, University of Freiburg, Germany, about the SPEEDER project – a plan to create a supercapacitive polymer.

Kathryn Allen speaks to Kirsten Bodley, Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Engineering Society, about her career to date and good management practice. 


Kathryn Allen talks to Serena Best CBE FREng FIMMM about her career and securing funding for the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials.   

Simon Frost talks to the General Manager of PVC sustainability initiative VinylPlus.

Natalie Daniels speaks to Amanda Quadling about her career taking new materials from the manufacturing process to the end user.