Women in Engineering Day - Bristol

Women in Materials, Minerals & Mining (WIM3)
16 Jul 2018

Over the past few years, National Women in Engineering Day has been very successful, and last year recently became International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). This always occurs on 23 June, and the IOM3 Women In Materials group (WIM) has organised various events in previous years to celebrate it.  This year INWED was on a Saturday, so WIM organised three events around the UK to promote female contributions to the engineering world, based in London, Bristol and Rotherham.

The Bristol event was in ‘We The Curious’ (formerly @Bristol), where there was a trail to highlight exhibits related to contributions by women scientists and engineers. WIM representatives also took over their Live Lab for fun demonstrations and hands-on experiments related to materials. On a day of beautiful weather that attracted crowds to Millennium Square Bristol, We the Curious still got a steady stream of visitors. John and his team did us proud and had a prominent area set up for us. They were on hand all day too helping out as were a great team of helpers, young and old. Plenty of families and visiting groups came over for a chat and to engage in the activities set out. There was an area with questions relating to plastics, sustainability and recycling that people could add to or answer and another area where people could separate plastics according to whether they thought they were recyclable. There was also a challenge with some recycled products where visitors could guess what these products used to be in a former life. These activities attracted many visitors.

In addition, We the Curious produced a number of posters that were dispersed through the venue and highlighted where woman had contributed to a particular project. Some of these were quite obscure and some better known.                               

The event in Rotherham was at Magna Science Adventure Centre where female engineering contributions have been highlighted.  The WIM event at Magna Science Adventure Centre highlighted the role of “Women of Steel” and also gave visitors a chance to look at an IOM3 Materials Discovery Box. Amy Gandy, Jackie Butterfield and Sarah Boad were on the WIM stand in reception to greet visitors and welcomed IOM3 members from as far afield as Glasgow! Visitors were also able to take advantage of a tour by one of the former steelworkers (dressed up in clogs) who is now a guide at Magna. The event in London took place at The Science Museum (Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD), where a Magnificent Women” trail was given out to find exhibits in the Museum concerning various female scientists and engineers. Fore more information, please click here.