Where can I study materials, minerals and mining engineering?

Materials and materials-related courses are offered by a number of further and higher education institutions offering you the opportunity to study on a full or part-time basis for a range of qualifications.

If you are thinking of going to University to study materials, or any other branch of engineering, with the ultimate aim of becoming a Chartered Engineer you should make sure that the four year MEng course that you are studying is accredited. This means that certain subjects are taught to a particular level. The Institute accredits a number of degree courses in materials and some with a large materials content (e.g. sports materials technology and biomaterials). A full list of courses currently accredited by IOM3 along with their UCAS codes will be available on the site shortly; in the meantime please see our list of universities whose courses we accredit. For more information about degree courses visit the UCAS website.

Further education courses such as National Certificates, HNCs and HNDs with a large materials content are taught by many colleges around the UK. Check with your local college to see what they can offer.  Many of these courses can be taken full-time or on a part-time or distance learning basis with the support of your employer. If you are studying one of these courses you may be eligible to join the Institute as a technician member.

A complete list of courses accredited by ECUK (Engineering Council) licensed bodies is available on the ECUK website.

Degree courses in minerals and mining engineering are not as common as those in materials.  Accredited programmes can be found on the programmes list page.