WIMM - Secretaries Report for AGM

Western Institute of Mining & Minerals
21 Dec 2015


President: Dr Richard White, BSc, PhD, CSci, MiRefEng, FIMMM
Secretary: Mr Julian Spears BSc, MSc, CEng, FGS, CEnv, CSci, FIMMM
Wardell Armstrong International, Sir Henry Doulton House, Forge Lane, Etruria
Stoke-on-Trent ST1 5BD
Telephone: (01782) 276700 email: jspears@wardell-armstrong.com

Secretaries Report for AGM : 5 October 2015

A review of 2014 – 2015 season

Last season we continued with our success of previous years. The variety of presentations was maintained, with mining and geology related topics at the forefront of the programme. Our attendances remained strong and the after meeting buffet suppers were well supported and add to our overall success. Keele University staff welcomed us once again, with provision of the room and facilities, thank you to Keele University.

Again we have seen well attended meetings, allowing us the ability to remain at the high rate of grant for this season, the average attendance over the 7 meetings is 48no.; the previous years it was 37no. Our numbers have been boosted by Keele University students attending and also interested people from other organizations. Long may it continue!

The table below is a summary of the presentations and the attendance numbers over the last year.

The 2014-2015 season started with a geo-forsenic presentation by our President Christine Blackmore (Wardell Armstrong International) entitled ‘Geoforensic Investigation into Nomadic Graves, West Africa’ with an attendance of nearly 50 people. This talk continued the previous 3 years inclusion of geo-forensic related topics, since each one has attracted a large and diverse group of interested attendees, it will now be incorporated into our annual season of lectures, see our 2015-2016 for the next geo-forensic lecture.

We also continued with the young persons lecture competition which was held on Wednesday 26 November 2014, we have decided not to host include a young persons lecture competition slot in this

forthcoming years programme, allowing others to host. The regional young persons lecture competition was hosted by ICTa at Keele University on the 4 March 2015 and Richard White chaired the evening.

In addition to the regular monthly meetings we also included a site visit to British Gypsum’s East Leake Mine near Loughborough, Leicestershire. The visit took place on Monday 23 February 2015 and 8no members and 1no non-member attended. Thanks again to British Gypsum.

The Annual Dinner was held on 25 April 2015 at the former stately home Keele Hall, in the grounds of Keele University. This year the attendance similar to the previous years with 6no companies taking tables at the dinner and the attendees was well down on previous years at 53no. Our President (Christine Blackmore) opened the proceeding with a short speech and introduction of her Presidential guests; Mr P Linton (Director at HUF UK); Mr S Wood a loyal supporter of WIMM and our national l representative; Mr Wynn Griffiths, (Mining Engineer, Alan Auld Engineering) and Ken Laird (former Mining Inspectorate) and Adele Wilbraham (consultant and a loyal supporter of WIMM over recent years). The evening included a 5 course meal and the entertainment was provided by Marshall King who returned by popular demand giving a as Elvis. A special thank you is given to our corporate friends, Lucideon (formerly CERAM) table hosted by Richard White; Wardell Armstrong LLP table hosted by Kevin Onions; Parsons Brinkerhoff table hosted by Steve Majhu; Compass Minerals International (Salt Union) hosted by Gordon Dunn; and Wardell Armstrong International table hosted by Julian Spears (Technical Director).

The Wynne Student Prize sponsored by WIMM was awarded this year to Gethin Evans for his thesis entitled ‘An Investigation Into the use of Geophysical Methods to Identify Graves and Estimate Their Burial’. The winner of Wynne Student Prize received a Royal Doulton crystal vase, a signed certificate from President of WIMM and £100. The Wynne Student Prize was presented, at the graduation day on 15 July 2015. The adjudicating panel was headed by Mrs Christine Blackmore, Wardell Armstrong International) assisted by Julian Spears (Wardell Armstrong International), Dr Barry Job (former lecturer at Staffordshire University), Dr Richard White (Head of Testing, Lucideon) and Mr Wyn Griffths (Alun Auld Engineering).

The Essay Prize, for an essay written about one of the evening lectures held by independent groups (WIMM, ICT and NSGGA) for earth sciences at Keele University. This first prize was shared between Alexander Fell entitled ‘A History of Cleveland Potash’ and Christopher Morris entitled ‘Geoforsenisc investigation into the black death plague, death burials in London’. The adjudication for this prize is undertaken by Keele Earth Sciences Dept. staff. This joint essay prize winner received a signed certificate by the Presidents/Chairmans of the groups and £150 (WIMM, ICT and NSGGA contributing £50 each).

WIMM communications have also improved with a micro website, better information about events and regular articles in IOM3’s Material World magazine. We still strive to incorporate some new innovations each season and continue to strengthen our links with ICT and NSGGA to the benefit of us all. It is the committee`s intention that we keep WIMM alive and fresh.

In conclusion another great year was had by WIMM. Our WIMM President (Christine), Hon. Secretary (Julian) and Treasurer (John) would like to thank the committee for their continued support and guidance in making our WIMM so successful.

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Secretary Western Institute of Mining & Minerals IMM Attendees 2014 - 2015

Western Institute of Mining and Minerals (WIMM) lecture programme for 2014/2015



Lecture title




Council Meeting

Monday 6 October 2014

Christine Blackmore

Geoforensic Investigation into Nomadic Graves, West Africa





Monday 3 November 2014

Peter Robinson

Re-opening and Re-furbishment of Fluorspar Mine, Derbyshire





Monday 1 December 2014

Phil Bains

The History of Boulby Potash Mine





Monday 2 February 2015

Gordon Dunn

Winsford Salt Mine Update and Innovations





Monday 2 March 2015

Clive Edmunds

Chalk Mines and Solution Features in Hertfordshire and Problems they Cause





Monday 23 March 2015

Ian G Stimpson

Joints Meeting with ICTa (WIMM) - British Easthquakes and Seismic Risk





Monday 27th April 2015

Jamie Pringle

Geoforensic Investigation into Black Plague Deaths










Average No.