Styles and formatting

There are various built-in styles available from the rich-text editor toolbar. Not all of them have any effect. Any not listed below should NOT be used. When formatting text please only use these inbuilt styles - don't try to tweak the HTML or paste content in from Word to add different fonts, colours etc as this will look horrible.

Paragraph (normal) text (available from the main toolbar):



Block quote


Heading styles (available from the drop-down headed "Normal" or "Format"):

Heading 2

Use the "Heading 2" style for main headings and to break up sections on a page.

Heading 3

Use "Heading 3" for smaller side headings.

Heading 4

Only use "Heading 4" if you need another level of heading.


Block styles (available from the "Styles" drop-down):

Special container

"Special container" can be useful for sections of text eg lists or instructions – see examples at and


Inline styles (from the "Styles" menu):

Please do not use any of these (most have no effect anyway).