Tan Kai Xin - Malaysia

Miss Tan Kai Xin graduated in Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering from Universiti Malaysia Perlis. She also holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with first class honours from Politeknik Shah Alam Malaysia. Kai Xin participated and won several medals in national and international competitions namely, iCompEx2017 (gold medal), ITEX2017 (gold medal), Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF2017) (bronze medal). She has been actively involved in students’ society and in public speaking competitions. She loves sports in which she holds a black belt in WuShu martial arts. She had participated in several performances and a national singing competition. She still enjoys singing and plays musical instruments.

Metastable phases and mechanisms in the dehydrogenation process of titanium hydride

Titanium hydride (TiH2 ) which is an intermediate product of titanium extraction has great potential to be an alternative material to produce pure titanium powder. This research describes the characterisation of titanium powder after dehydrogenation process using various techniques. Non-isothermal dehydrogenation up to 700°C has been carried out under high purity argon environment. High temperature in-situ x-ray diffraction and Rietveld refinement were used for characterization. Cell parameters and phase changes that were determined through the Rietveld method proved that the dehydrogenation occurred through the heating. It was found that several metastable phases that shared the same crystal structures were formed during phase transformation. Lattice parameters increased under the influence of thermal expansion, and reduced due to dehydrogenation. The effects of these two parameters on the phase transformation and crystal structures formed were studied. The non-isothermal dehydrogenation process had a sequence of phase transformations starting from δ-titanium to a final α-titanium phase.

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