Tamlyn Naidu - South Africa

Tamlyn is a PhD student in the department of chemical and metallurgical engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has spent most of her postgraduate degree involved in water rehabilitation and waste beneficiation projects, aiming to promote sustainability in the water space. She is part of the Industrial and Mining Water Research Unit and is also affiliated with the Center of Water Research. She believes that the failure to address the unsustainable use of water now will mean greater struggles in the future to achieve goals in a myriad other areas. Outside of school she is an avid cat enthusiast, food eater and movie watcher.

Acid Mine Drainage remediation system using waste products from the steel manufacturing and sugar industries

According to the United Nations, Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is classified as the second biggest environmental problem facing the planet, due to the amount produced worldwide as well as the high cost of treatment. Cost-effective remediation methods are thus strongly needed. The operation of a waste-beneficiation treatment scheme incorporating the use of two waste products; steel slag and sugarcane bagasse, is one such method. These products produced in many AMD-affected areas, can raise the pH of the AMD, enabling metal removal through precipitation and promoting sulphate removal through biological reduction. The slag is valorised through this process; hereafter being used in construction applications. The study confirmed the potential of these products in AMD treatment through a two-step chemical and biological process. Optimisation of the process could result in low cost AMD pre-treatment, or as a way for mines to recycle their acid water for use as process or agricultural water.

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