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Substitution of Critical Raw Materials

CRM_InnoNet aims to drive innovation in the development of suitable substitutes for critical raw materials currently central to EU industries such as construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, energy and machinery.  Funded as an FP7 project by the European Commission, CRM_InnoNet is mapping substitution activities, research and opportunities, prioritising research actions and developing roadmaps and policy recommendations.
CRM_InnoNet has launched the Innovation Network for Substitution of Critical Raw Materials to provide networking opportunities around the topic of substitution.  To find out more, register to receive the quarterly newsletter or join the Innovation Network

ENEA, Italy
Design of environmentally friendly products using information standards DEPUIS
The DEPUIS project is EU funded and is part of the Europe-INNOVA network.  DEPUIS Multi media Handbook provides access to e-learning courses for life-cycle assessment (LCA) and for open standards for the computer representation of product and process data.


An initiative of a Consortium of material producers, steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, cardboard, wood, glass, plastics and composites, and of scientists in the continuum of fields extending from social sciences to engineering, who have something to say about the structural material basis of our societies.

The objectives are to identify the role of structural materials in the post-carbon society, which will emerge in the world in the course of the 21st century and prepare all the stakeholders of the materials value chain for the changes that are to come.

Security of Supply Mineral Resources

This is a research programme funded by NERC and EPSRC to fund scientific research that will enhance the sustainability of the supply of some of the elements that are important in energy technologies (E-tech elements).


Security of Supply of Mineral Resources Programme UK

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UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres

The Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) brings together over 60 of the UK's major science engagement organisations. Each year their members engage over 20 million people with the wonders of science. The UK network is also available on a downloadable map